FIFA 21 Martin Odegaard: Arsenal's new signing - Overall, Potential, OTW, Future Stars & more

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Arsenal have made their second signing of the January transfer window as Martin Odegaard joins the club on loan from Real Madrid.

The Gunners also acquired the services of goalkeeper Matt Ryan earlier in the window.

Lets take a closer look at what Odegaard can bring to the Gunners on both FIFA 21 Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

New Arrival

Arsenal has announced their new arrival on social platforms.

Martin Odegaard has joined on loan from Real Madrid after managing just seven La Liga appearances so far this season.

Take a look at the Norwegian midfielders first interview here.

Career Mode

The signing of Odegaard can greatly benefit Arsenal on FIFA 21 Career Mode.

The Gunners boast several talented youngsters, but none of them quite have the starting overall that the Norwegian has.

Odegaard's 83 OVR and 89 Potential rank him among the best young CAMs on the game!

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His strengths come in his Skill attributes, with 86 Dribbling and 85 Ball Control, as well as strong passing attributes.

He is only on loan though, so you will want to make this permanent as soon as possible!

If you are not managing Arsenal however, you will need to wait for the first season to finish before trying to sign the talented Norwegian.

Latest data and images sourced from SoFIFA.

Ultimate Team

This is where things get exciting. Odegaard's current base card on FUT 21 is rated 83 OVR, so is unlikely to be pushing for your starting XI.

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However, the new signing is sure to feature in one of FUT 21's promo squads in the near future.

Ones to Watch

Having returned to Real Madrid in the summer, Odegaard already possesses a Ones to Watch (OTW) card this season.

Having received an in-form card too, its current OVR stands at 85.

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Does this mean we will see an 85-rated OTW card with an Arsenal badge?

Future Stars

We think the Future Stars promo could be up next, but possibly under a new name as EA have mixed things up a bit this season.

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Odegaard did receive a Future Stars Academy card last year with a top rating of 87 OVR, but we could see a fully fledged Future Star card with his potential fulfilled.

This would mean an overall of 89!

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