The FUTTIES have returned with some of the best cards from FUT 21

The FUTTIES have finally dropped in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

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So, check out everything you need to know about FUTTIES below.

Latest - FUTTIES out now

FUTTIES has returned in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, with some of the best cards from previous promos throughout the game cycle!


The likes of TOTY De Bruyne, FUT Freeze Mane, FUT Birthday Sterling and Record Breaker Mbappe headline the group, but every one of these cards is fantastic!

FUTTIES loading screen

Ahead of the launch of FUTTIES in FIFA 21, we've finally got a new loading screen that's actually delivered a lot of key information about the promo this year.


Most importantly, we've learned that each of the following card types from the year's best promos will be available in FUTTIES for FIFA 21:

  • UCL Road to the Final
  • FUT Freeze
  • Team of the Year
  • FUT Birthday
  • Rulebreakers
  • What If
  • Headliners
  • Ones to Watch
  • Record Breakers

If you're itching to see what's coming in FIFA 22, check out the latest on the trailers.

FUTTIES Start Date & Time

FIFA 21 is set to launch FUTTIES in Ultimate Team on Friday, 16 July, 2021.

The start time for FUTTIES will be 1pm ET / 6pm BST, which is the standard window that we normally see new content go live in FIFA 21.

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IT'S BACK - The FUTTIES were last seen on FIFA 19

While FUTTIES won't last forever, we don't yet have an exact end date or time for when it will bring things to a close.

However, FUTTIES ran for five weeks when the promo took place in FIFA 19, and a five week window would put this year's rolling all the way to 20 August, 2021.


What will FUTTIES be like in FIFA 21?

Traditionally, FUTTIES brings two different things together to celebrate the year: fan involvement and nostalgia.

FUTTIES brings back classic cards from other promos throughout the year, but it also gives players the opportunity to vote on the special cards they want to see return.

In previous years, that's led to a finale where voting takes place across 10 different categories, and each of the winners are given a new special card in Ultimate Team with even better stats.

Starting with the release date on Friday, we'll likely see a new batch of FUTTIES cards released each subsequent Friday until the promo finally comes to an end.

While it's not guaranteed, this could be the final promo in FIFA 21 and carry us all the way into the release of FIFA 22 in a few months.

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TAKE YOUR PICK - One of these players will become available via SBC this Friday

We know that one vote has already gone live between Dani Carvajal and Kostas Manolas, and a position change item will go live in an SBC on Friday, 16 July for the player that wins the vote.

If you want to see who else we're expecting, potentially including FIFA 22 cover athlete Kylian Mbappe, check out our predictions here.