Lukas Podolski lands as new FUT Birthday SBC

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FIFA 21 continues the FUT Birthday promo with a new Squad Building Challenge, and this time you have a shot at Lukas Podolski.

The 35-year-old Polish forward is available now for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team if you can complete all of this week's FUT Birthday Sqaud Building Challenges.

FUT Birthday SBC - Lukas Podolski Start & Expiry Date

Bolster your squad with this veteran Forward, but you don't wanna wait and lose your shot at Lukas Podolski.

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday SBC Lukas Podolski
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BIRTHDAY TIME: Podolski is available now in Squad Building Challenges

Start Date: Friday, 26 March at 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Thursday, 1 April at 6pm GMT

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FUT Birthday SBC Lukas Podolski Player Review

It's always a balancing act when a new SBC player lands as to whether they're worth the investment, but the FUT Birthday SBC Lukas Podolski has got some astronomical stats.

Bolstered by his 5-Star Skill Moves and 3-Star Weak Foot (Right), Podolski has got a 92 in Shooting, 90 in Pace, 88 in Passing, 88 in Physicality, and 87 in Dribbling.

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Underneath his main stats, Podolski is hiding an insane 99 in Shot Power, Volley, and Penalties along with a 93 in Composure, 94 in Sprint Speed, 91 in Positioning, and 91 in Short Passing.

How to Unlock - Podolski SBC Requirements

If you're interesting in adding the new FUT Birthday SBC version of Lukas Podolski to your Ultimate Team, you'll need to submit two different squads in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday SBC Lukas Podolski Card
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ACT FAST: Submit these two squads to add this Gemini to your FUT

Bayern München Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from FC Bayern
  • Minimum 1 player from Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum Team Rating of 82
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75
    • Reward: One Gold Players Pack

National Duty Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Germany
  • Minimum Team Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 70
    • Reward: One Small Rare Gold Players Pack

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