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El Shaarawy SBC takes you back to the FIFA glory days

Stephan El Shaarawy is a name that will tug at the heartstrings of old-school FIFA fans.

The Italian was an absolute BEAST on FIFA 12, and now you can relive those glory days thanks to this brand-new Flashback SBC card.

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El Shaarawy Review

The Italian winger has been upgraded to an 88-rated LW card that celebrates his prolific 2012/13 campaign.

But is this a card worth completing? And how does his value compare to others in his position?

Stats to rival any other

Let's kick things off by looking at the stats that El Shaarawy possesses.

His 93-rated pace is the place to start, which is very handy for a wide man, especially when combined with elite level dribbling (91 OVR) including in-games of 99-rated agility and 90-rated balance.

BALLER - El Shaarawy is a beast
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BALLER - El Shaarawy is a beast

That ability with the ball at his feet is all well and good, but what is his end product like?

Thankfully, it appears to be pretty good. 86-rated shooting means he'll have no issues finding the back of the net if you give him the opportunity, and his upgraded 4* weak foot means he can finish comfortably with either his left or his right.

5* Skills


It wouldn't be El Shaarawy without those infamous 5* skills.

Those remain intact on this new special card, which will excite many a FIFA fan.

El Shaarawy is one of only three Serie A LW cards with 5* skills (Douglas Costa & Flashback Ribery).

A cheap Ribery alternative

The SBC will cost around 300k to complete if done from scratch, but you can reduce that cost dramatically by utilising some of the fodder in your club.

Now, this is a very good price for this card, especially when you compare it to the Flashback Franck Ribery SBC that caused outrage earlier this year.

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SAVINGS - There's little to separate the two... except the cost

EA asked for in excess of 1M for the French winger, who actually falls short of his Italian counterpart when it comes to total in-game stats.

More for less? That's exactly what we like to see.

SBC Front Three

EA have been firing out Serie A SBC's at a rate of knots of late, with El Shaarawy the missing piece to a dream front three.

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DREAM TEAM - Name a better trio? We'll wait.

Player Moments Paulo Dybala and Flashback Cristiano Ronaldo have been two of the most popular SBCs of the year, and now the puzzle has found its missing piece.

It's a trio that has an abundance of pace, power and clinical finishing. What more do you need?



There are no two ways about it. This is a huge W from EA.

If you need a Serie A forward, Stephan is the man.

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