FIFA 21: Flashback Gonzalo Higuain SBC - Cheapest Solution, Player Review, Expiry Date & more

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Another day, another Flashback SBC.

Gonzalo Higuain was one of the most prolific forwards in the world on his day, and now he's one of the most prolific forwards in FIFA 21!

Flashback Gonzalo Higuain Information

The Argentinian forward has been handed a card that celebrates his incredible 2009/10 season.

Here is everything that you need to know.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date: Saturday, January 16 - 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Saturday, January 23 - 6pm GMT


It's quite the upgrade for Higuain, who now sits at a cool 87 OVR.

EA are asking for just the one squad in return for the Inter Miami forward.

  • Real Madrid Players: Minimum One
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 84
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 65

Estimated Cost

At the time of writing, the estimated cost for this Higuain SBC are as follows.

  • PlayStation: 74k
  • Xbox: 80k

Player Review

A full player review will follow shortly.

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