What happens if a FOF player transfers to a different club after their release?

EA has released an awesome Festival of FUTball promo in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, packed full of special Path to Glory cards.

With the summer transfer window opening, we're taking a look at what happens to the Festival of FUTball card if a player transfers to a different club after their release.

Read on to find out more.

What happens if a FOF player transfers to a different club after their release?

If a Festival of FUTball player transfers or goes on loan during the promo, the item will remain at their previous club until they qualify for an upgrade. 

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The item will then be updated with the player's new club at the same time as their next upgrade.

If a Path to Glory player transfers then they will also change club when they receive their next upgrade.

Alessandro Florenzi, who is currently on loan at PSG, can be used as an example to illustrate this.

Alessandro Florenzi

Florenzi's loan spell at PSG is set to expire at the end of June, and if nothing changes, he will be returning to his parent club, Roma.

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If Italy pick up three wins at Euro 2020, Florenzi will be due an upgrade.

If Florenzi is back at Roma by this time, the Path to Glory card will be updated with the +2 OVR and his new club.

How do Path to Glory cards work?

There will be Path to Glory cards released as part of the event with added skill move and weak foot bonuses too.

While not as straightforward as the Road to the Final cards, the Path to Glory players will follow similar trends to the What If promo.

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With a maximum of +4 to their OVR, a start rating of 95 OVR could see a new 99-rated card.


  • 3 wins +2 OVR
  • 4 wins +1 OVR
  • 5 wins +1 OVR
  • 6 wins - 5* Skill Moves and Weak Foot
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