FIFA 21: EA confirm there will be no scripting in new game

EA have arranged a developer Q&A via Twitter to answer fan questions about the game - in the Q&A, EA have confirmed there will be no scripting, momentum, handicap, or DDA in FIFA 21.

This is a huge moment for the FIFA series, as EA have never really addressed these concepts before.

You can read over the huge first Tweet of the series below:

FIFA 21 tweet 1
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HUGE: EA have officially responded to claims of scripting, momentum, and more in the FIFA series

In subsequent Tweets - it was clarified the FIFA games are created by, "...implementing the different concepts of football. These concepts include an error system and a physics system which bring variety and authenticity to the game."

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Ultimately EA states, "From a gameplay design perspective, there is absolutely no need to implement systems to influence the outcome of the game artificially, since all the above mentioned already creates a football-like experience for our players."

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Afterward, EA clarifies, "...the only time our game adjusts the difficulty of the CPU AI (offline only) is during the introductory boot-up match..."

As the thread develops, we'll be updating with the latest news as it comes!

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