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FIFA 21: Dev Q&A covers scripting, shooting, goalkeeping, heading, defending, user control & more

EA have given us plenty of insights into FIFA 21 over the last few days, and we've now gotten a live developer Q&A on several topics like shooting and goalkeeping via Twitter.

Let's go over what we learned about gameplay from the session about FIFA 21.

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No Scripting

The most popular response during the Q&A by a large margin was EA's response to a question regarding scripting, momentum, DDA, and handicap.

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EA doesn't address these topics very often (if ever), but during the Q&A, the following Tweet was made:

FIFA 21 no scripting
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BOMBSHELL: EA have officially addressed scripting and momentum in the FIFA series, saying there will be none in FIFA 21

EA would continue on to clarify that a system of realism and physics are implemented in the game, resulting in no need for artificial influence on outcomes.



Goalkeeping is an important topic for FIFA 21 - and can result in some of the most player frustration in the game.

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In the developer Q&A, it was clarified, "Multiple improvements were made to shooting and goalkeepers, including near-post shot coverage for GKs."


There were several different tweets about shooting during the Q&A, most based around the affects of player personality on shooting.

ac milan fifa 21
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CELEBRATION: Fans will celebrate an improved approach to shooting in FIFA 21, on and off the pitch


According to the developers, personality will have much more impact on shooting in FIFA 21.

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The developers also clarified that personality isn't assigned by name, but rather by attributes.


Manual heading kicked off the Q&A, and there were several clarifications on the topic.

fifa 21 trent alexander arnold
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HEADS UP PLAY: Headers received some clarification in the FIFA 21 developer Q&A


According to developers, manual headers will apply to all shooting and passing situations.

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And while errors are drastically reduced for manual headers, the heading accuracy attribute will still impact results for passing and shooting.


Defense got several clarifications over the course of the Q&A.

fifa 21 gameplay reveal 1
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MORE CONTROL: With EA's effort to improve user control on defense, it should become much more effective in FIFA 21


Perhaps the most significant of the answers related to user-controlled defense - for which EA clarified that user-controlled actions like tackling should be more precise and efficient than AI in FIFA 21.

As well, defensive shoulder challenges will be made more accurate and rewarding, and will mirror improvements to offensive ball shielding as an extra complexity.

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EA also aims to improve the balance between jockeying, dribbling, and interactions between the two.

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