FIFA 21: Best Centre Backs Under 10,000 Coins in Ultimate Team

With the FIFA 21 global release arriving tomorrow, Friday October 9th, it’s time to start thinking about who you’ll be getting in your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team starter squads!

With coins somewhat limited in the beginning, it’s important to get in as many cheap beasts as possible, to give yourself the best chance of success in your early games, especially Division Rivals Placements.

Here are our picks for the top Central Defenders to pick up for those starter teams that are priced under 10,000 coins.

Best Attributes for CBs in FUT 21

CBs are one of the most important positions you should focus on when building your initial team, as keeping the opposition attackers at bay can be the difference between wins and losses.

This year, with pacey attackers being very popular, having at least 75 Pace would be recommended, however players with higher Defending and Physical attributes can get away with slightly lower, as their positioning will make up for this.

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Nacho Fernandez - 80

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A perfect CB for La Liga teams

First up, we have Nacho Fernandez, who’s a very promising starting CB for La Liga teams. With both defending and physical stats at 80 or above, with 78 pace and solid links, he’s a top option.

Priced around the 5,000 coin mark, he’s a strong investment for a CB.

Manuel Akanji - 78

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The Swiss beast looks perfect at CB

In the Bundesliga, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to CBs, with Manuel Akanji being a prime choice. Standing at 6’2” with 77 Pace, 80 Defending and 76 Physical, with great Swiss links, he’s a very easy to link, strong defender.

At no more than 5,500 coins, if you’re looking for a top CB option for relatively cheap, he’s solid!

Eric Bailly - 79

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GGMU, but worth every penny.

Now onto the very popular Premier League selections, we have Bailly. While none of his stats are above 80, his 74 pace and 79 defending/physical combo is perfect for starter teams.

Being in the Premier League, he’s slightly on the pricier end of the spectrum currently at 8,500 coins, but he’s well worth the investment.

Clinton Mata - 77

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Hard to link, but 100% worth the coins!

A slightly more obscure CB this one, however Clinton Mata possesses some of the best stats of a starting CB that we’ve seen. Despite being in the Belgian League, if you can link him, his 82 Pace, 77 Defending, 81 Physical and exciting 77 Dribbling make him a superb starting CB.

At discard, you’ll struggle to find a better CB.

Georgiy Dzhikiya - 77

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At discard, you can't go wrong with Dzhikiya!

We’re finishing off in the Russian League, with Georgiy Dzhikiya who again looks to be an incredible off league beast, with 82 Pace, 81 Physical and very nice Defending stats.Once again, at discard it’s hard to go wrong on this front!

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