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FIFA 20 Volta: Penalties in the new street mode are absolutely BROKEN

Despite being coined as the spiritual successor of FIFA Street, EA's brand new game mode 'Volta Football' is allegedly plagued with bugs and underlying issues.

Ahead of FIFA 20's launch later this week, we cover some of the gameplay issues that MUST be fixed.

So what's the problem?

With all the focus this year on FIFA 20’s new free kicks, AI defending, graphics and ball physics, it seems like the designers at EA headquarters have overlooked some of the simplest details in Volta’s gameplay.

Instead of creating custom goalkeeper movements to suit the drastically reduced sized goals, the designers have copied and pasted the goalkeeper’s movements from a regular shoot out.

In a Volta penalty shoot-out goalkeepers dive so far past the post and ball that it is ridiculous – any decent goalie would merely stick out a limb to try to save a penalty in a 5-a-side goal, but not in Volta.


It seems that if you are defending a penalty, your best bet is to stay central - and any move to the left or right could see you dive past the ball - even if you go the correct way.

Designers at EA need to patch this issue before their new game launches on 27th September, or they risk damaging their reputation and alienating their loyal fans.

How to score penalties on FIFA 20

Penalties do look to be an improvement on last year, where you could telegraph which way you were going - and even if you took the target off, PKs were incredibly difficult to score.

At first, you will have the same frustrations - but you must realise that by 'timing' your penalties will help you no end.

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The timed finishing that was introduced for FIFA 19 comes to free kicks and penalties this year - creating a greater range of success to failure.

With Volta goals so small, you almost have to go for the timed finish - so make sure you practice ahead of big or online matches.

Slowly move the target towards the corner, put a bit of power behind hit - and hit shoot again just as your player strikes the ball.

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