FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Weekend League Red Player Pick Guide – Griezmann, Di Maria, Nainggolan & more

Team of the Week 6 has been released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and with another set of Weekend League rewards coming out tomorrow on Thursday at 09:00 GMT, it’s time to start considering who you’re going to want to take in your red player picks!

Another Elite 3 finish for me this week, going 24-6, however I’ve upgraded my team with Messi and Mbappe for the upcoming Weekend League, so hopefully we can push for a higher Elite 1 finish.

Nevertheless, here are my thoughts and analysis as to who the best cards will be to choose from this week.

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Top-Tier Selections

These are the top-tier picks from this Team of the Week. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these players, I’d definitely be looking to select them to get them into your squad.

Antoine Griezmann - 90 OVR

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Finally we see a Ones To Watch player receive an In-Form. A LW Griezmann in red player picks is something that absolutely has to be considered, being arguably the best pick in TOTW 6.

First of all, the LW position change opens up a tonne of squad building possibilities, with strong links to IF Nelson Semedo and Jordi Alba.

This In-Form sees Griezmann go to 92 Positioning, 91 Finishing, 91 Agility, 91 Ball Control and 90 Composure, making what was an already fantastic card even more deadly.

I’d still look at a Hawk chemistry style just to increase his pace a little, but other than that, a deadly forward option to look for in red player picks.

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Ángel Di María - 87 OVR

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Being the best RW option in Ligue 1, with 5* Skills, Di Maria has to be one of the better player pick options from TOTW 6 in rewards.

The key stat for me has to be his 95 Agility, coupled with the 5* Skills, I can see this card being very difficult to defend.

However, do take note of his 2* Weak Foot, plus consider applying a Hawk, Hunter, Sniper or Deadeye chemistry style to increase his finishing slightly.

Radja Nainggolan - 85 OVR

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I know what you’re thinking, why would I play Nainggolan at RW with 74 pace? I agree, however with a simple in-game switch to CM, he becomes one of the best Serie A options this year.

Possessing incredible defensive stats with 92 Sliding Tackle, 88 Standing Tackle and 88 Interceptions, along with 87 Positioning, 87 Shot Power and 89 Long Shots, he can do a job at either end of the pitch.

When you also factor in his awesome dribbling attributes with 85 Balance, 86 Ball Control and 85 Dribbling, he can do it all.

Definitely don’t be put off by him being a 74 pace RW, with a simple in-game switch, he becomes a monster.

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Wissam Ben Yedder - 85 OVR

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Without a doubt, this is who I’m most excited for in my red player picks tomorrow.

I’ve used Ben Yedder’s 83 rated card a tonne already this year, and I can’t wait to try this 85.

With a +3 Shooting upgrade, Ben Yedder now has 92 Positioning and 91 Finishing, making him an even more lethal finisher. Now with 92 Agility and 91 Balance, he’s going to turn even quicker on the ball, and coupled with 4* Skills and 5* Weak Foot, he’s everything you’ll need in an attacker.

I’ll be playing him with a Hunter chemistry style, just to further increase his pace and increase his shot power a little.

Lautaro Martinez - 84 OVR

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Martinez may not be everyone’s first choice in this TOTW, or even for a Serie A ST option in general, but upon further inspection, he looks like an amazing option.

84 Pace is a solid start for a ST, but with 86 Physical, including 91 Jumping and 87 Strength, he looks to be a powerhouse. In addition, he also boasts 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot, along with 89 Agility, 85 Ball Control and 85 Dribbling, making him a very tricky attacker to handle.

To top it off, he has 87 Finishing and 84 Shot Power, ticking all the boxes for a ST option for me. 

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Mid-Tier Selections

These are the mid-tier picks from this Team of the Week. They’re not the best players you could get, but they’re certainly not bad selections either.

88 Hummels - 88 Rated German in the Bundesliga, makes him great for potential future SBCs. Unfortunately, 52 pace doesn’t make him a top tier selection this week.

87 Parejo - 87 Rated Spaniard in La Liga once again makes for a useful SBC card. 42 Pace and average agility means this card won’t suit the meta this year, he’s SBC fodder.

86 Ruffier - Unlike Keylor Navas from last week, Ruffier doesn’t have amazing strong links, and Lloris offers a better option for a French GK option. He’s SBC fodder.

84 Alonso - While he’s a strong card as a potential super sub, I can’t look past the 69 Pace as a full back. With a High/Low work rate too, you can’t really play him in a defensive role. Potentially a good super sub CDM/CM.

84 Taison - A strong card with 93 Pace and 4* Skills, however, links will be the reason why this card doesn’t make it into too many teams.

84 Doucouré - He’s borderline top-tier, I’ll grant him that. A very strong all round CM option in the Premier League, with good defensive stats. For me though, he lacks a standout category to make him a top tier option, he’s a bit of a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ type card.

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Low-Tier Selections

These are the low-tier picks from this Team of the Week. There’s no pretty way of saying this, consider yourself unlucky if these are the only options you’re receiving.

82 Yerry Mina

82 Tomáš Soucek

82 Ángel

81 Alfred Gomis

81 William Troost-Ekong

81 Petros Mantalos

81 Jack Grealish

80 Andreas Cornelius

79 Mislav Oršic

79 Daniel Candeias

78 Jordan Morris

78 Henok Goitom 

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Best of luck for your Weekend League rewards, be sure to Follow and Tweet Us to let us know who you’re looking to get in your red player picks from this week!

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