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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: TOTW 8 Red Player Pick Guide - Walker, Werner, De Ligt & more

Team of the Week 8 has been released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and with another set of Weekend League rewards coming out tomorrow on Thursday at 08:00 GMT, it’s time to start considering who you’re going to want to take in your red player picks.

While TOTW 8 features a lot of usable cards, only a couple of them can really be considered ‘top tier’ options. 

Top-Tier Selections

These are the top-tier picks from this Team of the Week. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these players, I’d be definitely looking to select them to get them into your squad.

Unfortunately, there are only really 2 players I’d be looking at as ‘top tier’ selections from TOTW 8, these being Kyle Walker and Timo Werner.

Kyle Walker - 86 OVR

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By far the best option in TOTW 8, Kyle Walker looks to be one of the best RBs available on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team at the current time.

With 92 Pace, 83 Defending and 83 Physical, he’s a top tier option, and with 91 Stamina, he’ll be able to cover ground against the fastest wingers for the full 90 minutes. Being 6’0” tall, with 85 Jumping, you can be sure that he’ll be more than capable of dealing with taller attackers too.


Timo Werner - 85 OVR

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Timo looks to be a very strong Bundesliga ST option this year, with the main weapon being his 93 Pace, however, with 88 Positioning, 89 Finishing and 86 Ball Control, he’s a great player to have in front of goal as well.

With a relatively poor pool of competition when it comes to Bundesliga STs, Timo looks to be one of the best options in the league, so if you happen to see him in your picks, definitely consider taking him. 

Mid-Tier Selections


These are the mid-tier picks from this Team of the Week. They’re not the best players you could get, but they’re certainly not bad selections either.

86 De Ligt - 86 Rated in Serie A makes him a good potential option for SBCs, however there are better Serie A CB options in Manolas and Koulibaly.

86 Ziyech - 86 Rated with good stats make him a decent attacking option, however being Moroccan in the Eredivisie does make him harder to link in top tier teams.

86 Luis Alberto - 86 Rated Spaniard in Serie A does make him useful for SBCs in the future, however with only 73 Pace and 78 Shooting, his attacking ability is limited.

86 Lukaku - Another 86 Rated Serie A option, but Lukaku with only 77 Pace and 55 Agility will feel very clunky on the ball, not the best option.

86 Sommer - 86 Rated in the Bundesliga does make him a useful option for SBCs, however there are far better options you can go for.

85 Grimaldo - A good 85 Rated Spanish LB, however being in the Liga NOS does hurt his future potential.

84 Abraham - A decent 84 Rated English EPL option, however there are definitely better options to look for in a higher tier EPL team.

84 Kostic - A decent looking LM option for the Bundesliga, possessing great pace and decent technical stats. Could work well in a 352, however there are better attacking LMs.


84 Hazard - An appealing option for a Bundesliga LM, with good technical stats and 4* Skills, however there is a lot of competition in the league.

83 Smalling - A nice lower tier option for Serie A CBs, however there are higher tier options you can use.

Low-Tier Selections

These are the low-tier picks from this Team of the Week. There’s no pretty way of saying this, consider yourself unlucky if these are the only options you’re receiving.

84 Muniain

83 Benitez

82 Fabra

82 Orellana

82 Lodeiro


81 Joao Pedro

80 Ciano

76 Lundstram

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