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24 Jan 2020

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Mislav Oršić Headliner Objective: Requirements, Analysis

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Mislav Oršić Headliner Objective:
Requirements, Analysis

Orsic's Headliner card is the new FUT Objective, read on to find out how to complete him!

Mislav Orsic’s Headliner card has been released as an Objective in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team for a limited time, for his impressive form in the 2019/20 Season.

Mislav Orsic Objective Information

Here’s all the information regarding Tammy Abraham’s Headliners Objectives, from release dates to requirements for objectives.

Release Date: Friday 24th January - 6pm UK

Expiry Date: Friday 31st January - 6pm UK


Silver Selection - Win 2 Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty using only Silver players in your starting squad.

Fleet-Footed Finisher - Score 8 goals in Rivals using Midfielders with min. 4* Weak Foot rating.

Creative Crosser: Assist 4 goals using Crosses in Rivals.

Clinical Croatian: Score using Croatian players in 5 separate Rivals wins.

Worth it? Yes. He’s a free card, and has great stats that could impact a game in the latter stages. Furthermore, he’s dynamic, so will upgrade throughout the season, and with Zagreb topping the Croatian league by 12 points, he’ll likely receive an upgrade from 4 consecutive league wins.

Mislav Orsic In-Game Stats & Player Analysis

Orsic certainly has some incredible face stats, with 96 pace and 90 shooting, but there are a couple of issues.

Starting off, Orsic will feel rapid in game with his 94 Acceleration, 96 Sprint Speed, 99 Agility and 97 Balance. As a super sub to bring on in the latter stages of a game, he will tear defences to shreds.

Shooting is a strong point, with 93 Long Shots, 94 Shot Power and 87 Finishing, with a 4* Weak Foot too.

You may need a couple of upgrades to improve his Short Passing, Long Passing, Ball Control and Dribbling though, with them all being high 70s/low 80s.

Mislav Orsic Squad Links

Unfortunately, being Croatian in the Croatian league doesn’t make Orsic very easy to link into squads outside of Croatians, meaning he’s probably best as a super sub.

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