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21 Jan 2020

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Leroy Sane Player Moments SBC: Requirements, Costs and Analysis

Leroy Sane’s Player Moments card has been released as a Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team for a limited time, celebrating his decisive goal vs Liverpool in the 2018/19 Season.

Leroy Sane SBC Information

Here’s all the information regarding Leroy Sane’s Player Moments SBC, from release dates to SBC requirements to overall SBC costs.

Release Date: Tuesday 21st January - 6pm UK



SQUAD 1: Germany Players: Min 1 | In-Form Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 84 | Team Chemistry: Min 75

SQUAD 2: Man City Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 85 | Team Chemistry: Min 70

SQUAD 3: Premier League Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 86 | Team Chemistry: Min 65

SQUAD 4: Squad Rating: Min 87 | Team Chemistry: Min 60

To view SBC solutions you can visit FUTBIN.

SBC Cost: ~575,000 Coins.

Worth it? 50/50. While this is not a cheap SBC to complete, the fact that it is available for the rest of the game cycle is brilliant, allowing you to chip away at the SBC over an extended period of time, lowering the liquid coin cost of the SBC.

Leroy Sane In-Game Stats & Player Analysis

What an item this Leroy Sane card is, with blistering pace, great dribbling, shooting, everything.

99 Pace jumps out as the standout base stat, and with 92 Agility and 85 Balance, he will feel lightning quick on the ball without doubt. 

What makes Sane slightly unique however, is his 6’0” height and 79 Strength, which will definitely help fend off some stronger, faster full backs, making him a real handful out wide.

His shooting looks to be decent, with 92 Positioning, 89 Finishing and 95 Shot Power, but would benefit from a shooting based chemistry style.

For me, I’d be looking to apply either a Deadeye or Maestro as a chemistry style, to improve his shooting a little, but mainly to increase his passing ability also.

Leroy Sane Squad Links

Playing for Manchester City in the Premier League, there are a tonne of ways to link Sane into your squad.

In terms of strong links outside of icons, Manchester City players are all good ways to go, with new players such as 83 Mendy and the new Record Breaker 91 Aguero being fantastic options. Richer players can take advantage of a great TOTY 98 De Bruyne link, while 86 Gundogan provides a cheap perfect link for squad building.

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