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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: How to get Flashback Mata - SBCs, cost & review

The latest Flashback Ultimate Team card has been revealed and it's none other than Spanish midfield maestro, Juan Mata.

The Manchester United man has had his stats boosted in a return to his previous overall rating of 87.

Keep reading for Flashback Mata's Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and a full review.

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Flashback Mata's Squad Building Challenges

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If you want to get your hands on the Spaniard's boosted card, there are two SBCs you have to complete.

Estimated total cost: 50,950 coins PS4 / 57,600 coins Xbox One


1. Exchange a squad featuring players from La Liga

Estimated Cost: 50.65k PS4 / 57.6k Xbox One 

Minimum players from La Liga: One

Minimum squad rating: 84

Minimum team chemistry: 75

Extra Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack

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2. Exchange a squad featuring players from the Premier League

Estimated cost: 75.5k PS4 / 83.3k Xbox One 


Minimum players from the Premier League: One 

Minimum squad rating: 85

Minimum team chemistry: 70

Extra Reward: One Rare Electrum Players Pack

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Flashback Mata Review

There is no shortage of quality when it comes to attacking midfielders on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - with the likes of Eriksen, Kevin De Bruyne and Scream Ozil available, Flashback Mata has some serious competition.

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So how does Flashback Mata rank in the world of FIFA 20 CAMs - well, luckily for us, several gamers have taken to a Reddit post on the FIFA sub-Reddit to share their reviews of the new card.



Flashback Mata's card may only have 82 rated shooting, but FIFA players are going mad about the midfielder's ability to find the net.

"His shooting has been great, I've scored some great curlers with his left foot from outside the box" and "10/10 shooting" are just two of the compliments Mata has received for his finishing.

It would seem that his only let down in front of goal is his three-star weak foot, so be sure to shift opportunities to his left foot when you can.

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With Mata's reputation and his 88 rated passing stat, I'm sure you've already guessed that his passing is flawless.

Gamers expressed how impressed they were with his "fast reflexes when receiving balls and returning passes" and another user stated that "his corners are also fantastic".



With an 89 rating, dribbling is flashback Mata's highest attribute, so his dribbling ability has unsurprisingly been picked up on by FIFA fans - "His dribbling is probably the biggest improvement [...] he feels very agile and fun to dribble with".

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It would seem that Flashback Mata's physical dominance (or lack of) is his biggest weakness. "His strength is only 47 so he can quite easily be bullied off the ball by defenders if you let them get too close".


Ultimately, Flashback Mata has superb passing and dribbling ability and is more than capable of finding the back of the net.

He may be weak in a tussle, but his strong 84 agility and 95 balance should get him out of any sticky situations.

In terms of where he ranks against other CAMs, gamers seem to agree that Flashback Mata "feels much better than Eriksen", but they're "not sure if he's better than more expensive CAMs like KDB".

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