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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Hashtag Harry tells us how to win with a weaker team

Welcome to the final instalment in our series of 10 tutorial articles from FIFA pro club Hashtag United!

This week we bring you the one and only Hashtag Harry, as he breaks down how he manages to be so good with a weaker or cheaper team.

Over to you Harry.

Right boys ands girls - let's not beat around the bush.

I am the clearly the king of cheap teams. If you haven’t heard these are a few of my accolades:


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Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

The first trick to winning game with a weaker/cheaper team is to build the right team.

I recently played a weekend league with a silver team (would have been top 100 but EA robbed me with a disconnect) - but this team still had ‘good’ stats in important areas e.g. pace on the wings.

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Some low cost players have attributes that are similar to the more expensive players.

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For example Douglas Costa is as good at dribbling as Mbappe but his shooting is A LOT worse - so although you are able to get in the same positions with both players, with Mbappe you can shoot or pass but with Costa you can only pass.

The key is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your individual players and adjust your play accordingly.


Weak Foot and Skill Moves

Your striker needs to have 4 star weak foot. If he doesn’t, your play is much more predictable and the opposition knows what foot you are trying to get the ball on.

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 There are some good cheap players with 3 and 4 star skills moves - practice the heel to heel and drag back and use these skills around the box.

Adjust your Gameplay

When you are playing with a weaker team you need to adjust your gameplay (how much depends just how bad the team is).

Attack down the wing

I would focus your attacking play down the wings, not only is this where your fast players will be, if you lose the ball, you are at less of a risk to a counter attack than when you lose the ball in the middle on the pitch.

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Keep possession

With bad players you need to play slow - I would suggest using sprint infrequently. When I do these challenge I always finish the game with more possession than my opponent, this is because I take less risks and don’t try and force the attacks.

Avoid pot shots

DON'T take pot shots - what I would consider a pot shot would change depending on how bad the team is.

With my silver team I would rarely take long shots as more often than not, I would miss.

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However, with a 100k team, the players shooting may not be great, but there is a good chance you can force a save from the keeper and win a corner.

Adjust your defending

I will also defend different based on how bad the team is.

With my 100k team I used 3 defensive depth, whereas with my silver team (who were quicker but had worse defending) I used 6 depth.

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With the 100k team I know when they are round my box I can jockey and rely on the defending stats but with the silver team I want to rush the attackers and win the ball back quick and as high up the pitch as possible.

That's all from me - Good luck in WL!

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