25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: New FUT Friendlies put the fun back into FIFA

One of the main drawbacks on Ultimate Team in years passed is the inability to play relaxed matches with your mates. Well on FIFA 20, that changes as EA have announced the launch of FUT Friendlies.

FUT Friendlies is a brand new hub where friends can play online or locally in a range of different game modes, from classic 11V11 to custom House Rules.

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The matches played in the FUT Friendlies HUB will not use any contracts or fitness, whilst any injuries or red cards picked up in matches will not be carried over, meaning players can play without the worry of needing consumables.

There is a total of four new game modes, two FUT Hub exclusives, which will be added to the Ultimate Team alongside the default 11v11.

Max Chemistry

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The first of the four new additions is Max Chemistry. This game mode will allow players to create their ultimate team, without the worry of finding chemistry. Each player will receive 10 chemistry regardless of their position or links, allowing players creativity to run free,



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The second FUT exclusive game mode is Swaps. This game mode will undoubtably cause some rifts as the game will randomly select three players from each player's team and swap them ahead of kick off.

There are no restrictions to these swaps either, your worst three players could be replaced by your opponents best three and it would be totally fair. Scoring against your opponent with their player also awards you two goals instead of one, talk about rubbing salt in the wounds.

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Mystery Ball



Each game of Mystery Ball will be 100% random. Every time the ball goes out of play the game will randomly select a new mystery ball type, each with a custom goal range, ranging from 1 to 3 goals. The ball will also randomly boost one key attribute of the player in possession. Players will hope to receive the All Ball, which boosts everything at once! This game mode will also be available in Kick-Off and Pro Clubs.

King of the Hill


This game mode will reward those who can keep hold of the ball. There will be a random 'control zone' that will appear in the attacking half of the pitch. The longer a player can keep the ball in this ever shrinking the zone the higher their goal meter will fill. With a maximum of three goals per zone, keeping hold of the ball in the buildup to goals will go a long way to victory in this game mode. This game mode will also be available in Kick-Off and Pro Clubs.

There is the ability to delve deep into the post match stats thanks to a more detailed stats tracker, meaning there will be no debate as to who is the ultimate player when it comes to Ultimate Team.

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