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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The first Record Breaker card looks to be on the way

FIFA 20 has only been fully available on the market for
around 10 days, but we could be set for our first crazy rare card of the season.

Record Breaker cards are awarded to players who, well, do exactly,
break records in real life.

Last season, four Record Breaker ratings boosts were awarded.

Chris Wondolowski (OVR 70 – RB 82) became the MLS all-time top scorer with 148 goals, Shane Long (OVR 74 – RB 83) scored the quickest goal in Premier League history, Robert Skov (OVR 75 – RB 86) scored the most goals in a Danish top-flight season with 29 goals, and Abderrazak Hamdallah picked up the most strikes in a Saudi league also with 29.

So who is set to be the first Record Breaker on FIFA 20?

Carlos Vela is having a remarkable campaign, with the LAFC man netting 34 goals in the MLS this year, breaking the record Jose Martinez had set in 2018.

On FIFA 18, Martinez received a Record Breaker card, taking the Atlanta United man’s rating from 78 to 88.

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Using that, we expect Vela to improve to around 86, with users
on FIFA Reddit suggesting an 85 rating for the Mexican international.


How to get a Record Breaker item in FIFA Ultimate Team

Record Breaker cards are available via SBC (Squad Building
Challenges) in FUT.

If Vela does achieve one of these rare cards, expect to need to build a squad perhaps with Mexicans, fellow MLS players or players from former clubs Real Sociedad, Arsenal and Osasuna.

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