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31 Jul 2019

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Everything involved in the new Customisation Options

Ultimate Team is without doubt the most personal game mode on all of FIFA, allowing players to build their own club from scratch. 

On FIFA 20, players will be able to take customisation to the next level.

A new set of pitch notes released by EA earlier today confirmed there will be a total of eight customisable features in the FIFA 20 edition of Ultimate Team.

Players will now be able to add their own stadium theme to their club which will feature on the sidelines and in the stands during your matches.

Early indications suggest that these Tifos will feature a selection of ex players or management, with Zidane featuring on screenshots included in the pitch notes.

Players can select and assign a default celebration to the club which can be activated after you score a goal. You will still be able to select individual celebrations in the game if you desire via the usual button combinations.

Besides these new features, players will also still be able to select a home and away kit, badge, stadium and match ball, making this year's edition of Ultimate Team unquestionably, the most unique yet.