FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Buying Guide: Tips from a pro

Hashtag Shawrey gives us his summary of the most important stats to look for in your players.

Welcome to the eight instalment in our series of 10 tutorial articles from FIFA pro club Hashtag United. This week Hashtag Shawrey is here with his Ultimate Team Buying Guide.

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First things first – it is extremely easy to become consumed in wanting the best possible players for your FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. However this is not the be all and end all.

Remember that Ultimate Team is meant to be a fun and and enjoyable experience for you (the player). Be open to new ideas for your teams and trying out special cards that are released throughout the year. 

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A prime example would be myself using the SBC Battaglia item. Although I have players who are MUCH higher rated than him (84), in game he is absolutely unreal and definitely a player that can cause some real damage to some of my opponents (even the top-tier players).

Who should you buy?

When looking for a player to fill a vacant position in your squad, there are a number of things to think about. Firstly their position needs to be considered.

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For example, if they play on the wing, they will need to have decent pace stats (I recommend anything above 85), decent passing/crossing stats to supply your striker, and above average shooting stats to be able to put the ball into the back of the net if the opportunity arises.

What stats are important?

To make things easier for you guys and to make it more simplistic, I will list each position and what stats you should consider looking at before purchase:

GK – High Reflexes, High Diving, High Handling, High Positioning

PLAYER EXAMPLE: Marc-Andre ter Stegen

CB – High Pace, High Defending, High Physicality

PLAYER EXAMPLE: Rio Ferdinand (90)

LB/RB – High Pace, Semi-Decent Dribbling, High Defending, High Passing, Semi-Decent Physicality

PLAYER EXAMPLE: Alex Telles (In-Form)

CDM – Semi-Decent Pace, High Defending, High Physicality

PLAYER EXAMPLE: Fabinho (In-Form)

CM – High Passing, Semi-Decent Pace, Semi-Decent Shooting, High Passing, High Dribbling – PLAYER EXAMPLE: IF De Jong

PLAYER EXAMPLE: Frenkie de Jong (In-Form)

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CAM – High Pace (Above 80), High Shooting, High Dribbling, High Passing


LW/RW – High Pace, High Shooting (Above 80), High Dribbling, Semi-Decent Passing


ST – High Pace, High Shooting, High Dribbling


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