FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The 60k Meta Squad – Promes, Ndombele, Saint-Maximin & more

If you’d have built this team last month it would have cost you anywhere between 150k to 200k.

by ayesports

In the past few weeks, the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team transfer market has dropped, meaning a lot of ‘meta’ cards that were previously expensive, are suddenly affordable. 

We built you a squad that would have cost you around 200,000 coins 5 weeks ago. Due to the dip in the market, you can now pick it up for just over 60,000 coins. 



To make the most of the players on offer, we’ve set the squad up in a 4-5-1 formation.

Bernd Leno (OVR 84)

Age: 27

Position: GK

Club: Arsenal

Country: Germany

Best stats: 83 diving, 85 reflexes, 84 positioning

Cost: 4,090 PS4 / 5,900 Xbox One

Despite Arsenal’s poor form so far this season, Leno remains one of the league’s best performing goalkeepers. 

This year his rating has risen to an 84 rated card, making him probably one of the best in the league for his price range. A solid choice as our new shot stopper.

Sokratis (OVR 84)

Age: 31

Position: CB

Club: Arsenal

Country: Greece

Best stats: 87 strength, 88 aggression, 86 sliding tackle

Cost: 5,600 PS4 / 6,200 Xbox One

Sokratis is a machine, plain and simple. He is a big, strong, no-nonsense defender, and his FUT card is the same.

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88 aggression and 87 strength mean it’s rare he will come out of a tackle second best, and with 72 pace he is pretty fast too. A bargain for only 6,000 coins. Give him a Shadow chemistry style and increase his pace to 84.


Sanchez (OVR 83)

Age: 23

Position: CB

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Columbia

Best stats: 87 aggression, 83 strength, 86 sliding tackle

Cost: 12,000 PS4 / 12,000 Xbox One

Spurs’ defender Davinson Sanchez partners with his Arsenal rival Sokratis at centre back. Known for his pace and aggression in real life, he is no different in FIFA 20.

If you give his card an Anchor chemistry style he becomes unstoppable, boosting his pace to 79, his physical to 86, and his defence to a staggering 92. Easily still one of the best centre backs in the Premier League.

Aurier (OVR 82)

Age: 26

Position: RB

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Cote d’Ivoire

Best stats: 95 jumping, 89 aggression, 80 pace

Cost: 13,250 PS4 / 13,500 Xbox One

Another Spurs player at right back means we secure a perfect chemistry link between the two, but more than that, we get one of the most under-rated Premier League right backs in the game into our team.

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Aurier’s In Form card sits at a shockingly low 13,000 coins right now, and with the stats he has it’s hard to understand why. For best results we recommend using a Shadow or an Anchor chemistry style on him.


Tagliafico (OVR 82)

Age: 27

Position: LB

Club: Ajax

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 81 pace, 80 defence, 91 stamina

Cost: 6,100 PS4 / 6,100 Xbox One

Joining Ajax in January 2018, Tagliafico was an unsung hero in the Amsterdam club’s European journey last season. The Ajax left back might not seem like the most obvious choice at first glance, but when you look at his stats you’ll realise he a solid choice. 

81 pace, 91 stamina means he can get up and down the wing for fun, and with 81 crossing and 82 interceptions, he’s just as effective when attacking as he is when defending. Give him an Anchor chemistry style and his stats are insane. 

Wijnaldum (OVR 84)

Age: 29

Position: CM

Club: Liverpool

Country: Netherlands

Best stats: 93 stamina, 85 short passing, 84 balance

Cost: 7,000 PS4 / 8,400 Xbox One

Wijnaldum lit Anfield on fire last season against Barcelona, scoring twice in the second half. Perhaps based on this, EA have seen fit to upgrade his FUT card from an 82 in FIFA 19, to an 84 in FIFA 20. 

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At first glance his card does not seem too impressive in terms of stats. But when you look closer, he simply has all the right stats in all the right places: 85 short passing, 81 agility, 85 dribbling, 85 ball control, 86 composure. Deploy him with an Engine chemistry style and he’ll be your new favourite CM in no time. 

Lucas (OVR 84)

Age: 27

Position: CF

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 93 agility, 92 balance, 95 acceleration

Cost: 18,250 PS4 / 15,000 Xbox One

Lucas Moura is a rare type of player, in that he’s strong on both feet, and considered a traditional centre forward, rather than an out and out striker. 

His FUT card is insane, and for the price, a total bargain – 93 agility and 92 balance means his dribbling is top quality, whilst his 95 acceleration means he can outpace even the fastest defenders. 

Ndombele (OVR 82)

Age: 22

Position: CM

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: France

Best stats: 84 acceleration, 86 balance, 80 stamina

Cost: 1,800 PS4 / 1,600 Xbox One

Ndombele has struggled to find form so far for Tottenham this year but has recently shown signs of improvement, with a few good performances in the Champions League. 

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If you were smart enough to complete Objectives early in the game that earned you his Ones To Watch card, you already have this card in your club, so let’s make use of him! He’s big, fast and with 4 star skills a complete midfielder.

If you didn’t get his OTW card, don’t worry, you can pick him up for only 1,700 coins on the market right now.

Promes (OVR 82)

Age: 27

Position: LW

Club: Ajax

Country: Netherlands

Best stats: 91 pace, 85 agility, 84 dribbling

Cost: 1,100 PS4 / 1,100 Xbox One

The Ajax winger provides another attacking threat for our new squad, and gets a strong chemistry link from his fellow Ajax team mate, Tagliafico.

With incredible pace and agility, and top tier shooting stats, all for 1,000 coins, picking up this card is a no-brainer. Equip him with a Sniper chemistry style and see his shooting and dribbling stats increase to a whopping 87 and 91.

Saint-Maximin (OVR 79)

Age: 22

Position: RW

Club: Newcastle United

Country: France

Best stats: 93 pace, 93 agility, 90 dribbling

Cost: 2,900 PS4 / 2,900 Xbox One

Saint-Maximin is known for his pace, and his FUT card is no different. Since moving from France in the summer he has shown glimpses of his brilliance in the Premier League for Newcastle United.

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His FUT card however, is consistently brilliant. 93 pace, 93 agility and 90 dribbling tell you everything you need to know. It’s simply impossible to catch him. Give him a Deadeye chemistry style and boost his finishing to 84 and his shot power to 90.

Gabriel Jesus (OVR 82)

Age: 22

Position: ST

Club: Manchester City

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 90 agility, 90 balance, 87 acceleration

Cost: 5,200 PS4 / 5,700 Xbox One

The Manchester City striker has become less of a super sub in recent seasons, with Jesus and Aguero playing interchangeably for Guardiola’s side.

Gabriel Jesus was around 40,000 coins only a few weeks ago. Now you can pick him up for just over 5,000 coins. 86 positioning means he will almost always be in the right place to score, and with 84 finishing he won’t miss the target often. 

The Full Lineup

The squad is set up with Lucas and Ndombele behind Gabriel Jesus – pace merchants Quincy Promes and Saint-Maximin are our left and right midfielders with Wijnaldum in a holding midfield position. 

Spurs and Arsenal are our unlikely combination at the back with Sokratis and Sanchez as our centre back pairing and Aurier at right back, with Leno in goal. Ajax’s Tagliafico is our right back.

As always, set LB and RB to Stay Back While Attacking. You’ll have to apply position modifiers to both Ndombele and Lucas to make them both CAMs.

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For little over 60,000 coins this squad is a bargain. Only last month assembling these players would have cost you anywhere in the region of 150,000 to 200,000 coins.

Build this squad and see how it fares against the big money mega squads – you might be surprised…

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ayesports, aka Luke Crawford, is a freelance creative and Twitch partner, based in London. When he's not making stuff for brands like Nike, Honda, you can find him streaming FIFA Ultimate Team on Twitch.