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29 Oct 2019

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream: How to get Giovinco – SBCs, cost & review

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Scream Giovinco's Squad Building Challenges

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1. Exchange a squad featuring players from Italy

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2. Exchange a squad featuring players from Giovinco's former leagues

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Scream Giovinco Review

FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team Halloween special promotion is in full swing, with the week one Ultimate Scream player items  and week two Ultimate Scream player items dropping in FUT!

If you haven’t heard of Ultimate Scream before, you can head to our previous article, which outlines everything you need to know about FUT’s spine-tingling special promotion.

There are a plethora of creepy cards up for grabs on FUT this week. We have already reported on how to get Scream Ozil through Weekly Objectives and Scream Draxler's SBCs. But now FIFA 20 have announced that Scream Giovinco will be joining the blood-curdling bunch.

For a Reddit review of Giovinco’s Ultimate Scream card head to page two of this article

Scream Giovinco's Squad Building Challenges

If you want to get your hands on the Italian’s boosted card, there are two SBCs you have to complete.

Estimated total cost: 44,600 coins PS4 / 46,700 coins Xbox One

1. Exchange a squad featuring players from Italy

Estimated Cost: 29.2k PS4 / 30.25k Xbox One 

Minimum players from Italy: One

Minimum squad rating: 84

Minimum team chemistry: 70

Extra Reward: One Small Prime Gold Players Pack

2. Exchange a squad featuring players from Giovinco's former leagues

Estimated cost: 15.4k PS4 / 16.2k Xbox One 

Minimum players from Serie A: One 

Minimum players from MLS: One 

Minimum squad rating: 83

Minimum team chemistry: 75

Extra Reward: One Jumbo Gold Pack

Scream Giovinco Review

Unlike Scream Draxler's SBC, which got slandered for being far too expensive, Scream Giovinco is much more affordable. But is Giovinco's Scream card good enough to serve as an affordable alternative to Scream Draxler or Ozil?

Well, u/alekd992 seems to think so, which they outlined on their post on the FIFA sub-Reddit:

"It’s a pretty solid card, fun to use, and can be used as a super sub. 30-40k is cheap and anyone can afford it. [...] They took unusable card and made usable"

One Reddit user responded saying that although "he's going to be tough to link, on value for quality alone, it's actually one of the better player SBCs they've done".

One gamer brought up concerns over the lack of a boost to Giovinco's base card; "it's a Scream card with none of the usual huge boosts that come with screams. Somehow he went from 81 to 86 but his stats went up by an average of 3 points instead of 5".

Nevertheless, the general consensus was that Scream Giovinco is a "solid sub for a decent price", as one Reddit user summarised.

Ultimately, Giovinco's Scream card isn't going to be a groundbreaking FUT card; unlike Scream Ozil who's been heralded as an incredible card, don't expect a marked improvement from Giovinco's base stats to his Scream stats.

However, if you're desperate to get your hands on an Ultimate Scream card but don't want to fork out the big bucks, then Scream Giovinco is more than capable of becoming a valued squad player.