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18 Mar 2020

FIFA 20: Cancelled TOTW 27 replaced by TOTW Moments?

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TOTW 27 cancelled

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TOTW Moments leaked?

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TOTW Moments Explained

Yes, we know. Coronavirus sucks.

No sports, no pubs, no leaving the house and now no Team of the Week (TOTW).

However, it looks like EA may be trying to remedy that as a brand new line of cards has been leaked which suggest we may be getting a replacement to TOTW 27.

Keep reading to find out more.

TOTW 27 cancelled

As of EA's latest Tweet from @EAFIFADirect, TOTW 27 has been cancelled. Instead, players will receive new content in packs and FUT Champions Player Picks.

fifa 20 totw 27 cancelled 1

LOCKDOWN: The lack of football means TOTW 27 is cancelled

That's right, not only is Coronavirus cancelling football games around the world, it's also taking away TOTW in FIFA.

EA added another Tweet that promises more to come.

totw extra content

MORALE BOOST: Fear not, EA says more content is to come

It seems like not all is lost for FIFA 20 players, as TOTW 27 may be replaced with some brand new cards...

TOTW Moments leaked?

FUT Watch is well known for tweeting out the latest FIFA Ultimate Team news and leaks.

Their latest tweet was the following picture.

totw moments fifa 20 leak

The picture reveals a brand new FUT card design and with TOTW 27 cancelled, many gamers are speculating whether this line of cards will replace the standard 23-man In-Form squad.

Due to the movie reel at the top of the card, the most popular theory is that this new card will be a TOTW Moments promo.

TOTW Moments Explained

Although not confirmed, we can have a pretty good guess at what a TOTW Moments promo would involve.

The special squad will likely revolve around some of the best moments from previous In-Form cards, giving them boosted ratings.

Whether it will be In-Form players from the 2019/20 season or from previous years is yet to be revealed – either way, it seems like a pretty exciting promo.

Find out more about TOTW Moments here.