FIFA 20: Seattle Sounders Career Mode Guide, tactics, formations, who to sign & more tips

Are you able to take the reigns in Seattle and lead the Sounders to their second MLS Cup victory?

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Seattle Sounders have only played in the MLS for 11 seasons. However, in each season they have qualified for the play-offs making them one of the top teams in America.

Despite reaching the play-offs eleven times, the Sounders have just the one win to show for it back in 2016. A record they want changed.

Can you take charge and build a dynasty in line with the Sounders current success? RealSport’s guide will help you on your way on FIFA 20 Career Mode.




Team Rating

Seattle Sounders have a three and a half star rating consisting of 72 attack, 73 midfield and 68 defence.


The Sounders default formation on FIFA 20 is a 4-2-3-1 wide. However, with their lack of pace and height we’d recommend switching to a 4-2-3-1 narrow or 4-4-1-1 attack to allow the forward players to play closer together. The latter allows star man Nicolas Lodeiro to play closer to the central striker and cause the defence problems higher up the pitch.

The experienced Stefan Frei is the undisputed number one behind a back four of Kelvin Leerdam, Kim Kee Hee, Romain Torres (93 strength) and the pacey Nouhou (84 Pace).

The central midfielders have youth on their side – 23-year-old Cristian Roldan partners Emanuel Cecchini (81 Potential) who can boss your midfield for the next decade.

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Jordan Morris (86 Pace) and Victor Rodriguez take up the wide positions and will seek to support the front two. Captain Lodeiro occupies the space behind lone striker Raul Ruidiaz (80 Finishing).

On the bench, a blend of youth and experience covers all bases. Teenager Trey Muse is the backup GK while Xavier Arreaga and Saad Abdul-Salaam (height – 6’4”) provide defensive cover.

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Experienced Swede Gustav Svensson supports the two midfielders with the versatile Joevin Jones and Handwalla Bwana replacements in the wide areas. Will Bruin (87 Strength) is a target man option off the bench.

Tactics and Instructions

Offensively, the Sounders employ a balanced tactic. This suits them as they aren’t equipped with lightning pace and the possession tactic can also benefit their system. Either of these two should suit the team and allow the forward players to link play.

Seattle’s default defensive style is to press after possession loss. Retain this tactic as your lineup has excellent Stamina attributes allowing you to press your opponent all game.

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Bruin is an excellent option off the bench with his capabilities as a target man. He can compliment the smaller forwards and challenge for aerial balls hoping the likes of Lodeiro and Ruidiaz can latch on to the loose ball.

Individual instructions can fine tune your team’s tactics and get them playing exactly as you would like. While playing a 4-4-1-1 attack, allow Lodeiro to play ‘false 9’. This will make him drop into midfield to receive the ball and create space for others.

Balanced width will suit the wide players, however left back Nouhou can overlap effectively. Set the left winger to ‘cut inside’ and Nouhou to ‘overlap’ to provide offensive support from the left.

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If you find yourself exposed at the back, set one of the central midfield players to ‘stay back while attacking’ to provide extra defensive cover in front of the defence. Alternatively, set the same tactic for the right back so he tucks in while Nouhou can raid forward.



Training your young players will create long-term success for the Sounders team. There are several young players with the potential to be first team players, so making the most of training sessions is important.

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We recommend developing Trey Muse (POT 71), Nouhou (POT 75), Arreaga (POT 72), Cecchini (POT 81) and Bwana (POT 73). Jordan Morris should also be considered.

The Transfer Market

Starting transfer budget: £21 million

Starting wage budget: £26,000 a week


Who should go?

The Sounders have a squad of 27 players which includes Brad Smith who has been loaned in. This means that you can sell up to seven players to increase your transfer budget and revamp an ageing squad.

Goalkeeper Bryan Meredith (£180k) is surplus to requirements as you will rarely need three GK’s on FIFA 20 Career Mode. With only eight defenders in the squad, you should employ a one in one out policy, so you don’t leave yourself too thin on defensive cover.

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Midfielders Jordy Delem (£325k) and Harry Shipp (£500k) can also be added the to transfer list as the Sounders have better options in their respective positions. Playing with just one striker will allow you to sell up to three forwards, we recommend adding Justin Dhillon (£575k) and Luis Silva (£675k) to the transfer list.

The sale of these five players should add an extra £1.5m to your transfer budget and around £9k in wages.


Teenagers Trey Muse (POT 71) and Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez (POT 74) can be loaned, however only loan Muse if you keep Meredith as your back up GK. Alex Roldan (POT 71) is another player who can be loaned to help him reach his potential faster than he would sitting in the reserves.

Who to Sign?

New transfer budget: £22 million

New wage budget: £35,000 a week

Pacey Forward

Seattle Sounders are in desperate need of some pace in their forward line. Morris is the only attacker with pace stat above 80! A left midfielder with pace and high potential should be a priority signing.

Argentine teenager Agustin Urzi is a pacey left sided midfielder with the potential to reach 89 overall. Starting at just 69 OVR, Urzi can still offer plenty to your side whether that is in a starting role or coming off the bench.

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The 18-year-old who can also play in central midfield will cost you up to £8 million, still leaving plenty of money in the bank to improve your squad elsewhere.

Alternate Options:

  • Pedro de le Vega – Lanus, Age 18, OVR 70, POT 88, Cost: £5 million, Wage: £4,000 a week
  • Tete – Shakhtar, Age 19, OVR 72, POT 85, Cost: £7 million, Wage: £900 a week
  • Florinel Coman – FCSB, Age 21, OVR 72, POT 85, Cost: £9 million, Wage: £9,000 a week
  • Jota – Benfica, Age 20, OVR 72, POT 85, Cost: £8 million, Wage: £6,000 a week
  • Francis Amuzu – Anderlecht, Age 19, OVR 70, POT 82, Cost: £4 million, Wage: £6,000 a week

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First Choice Centre Back

The Sounders defence is the weakest area of their squad. Signing an imposing centre back would improve the team considerably. Age is not so much of a concern with two CB’s in the squad under 25 years old.

Pedro Henrique from Vitoria would be a fantastic signing for the Sounders. With 77 OVR and potential to reach 80, the Brazilian would be one of the top players in the squad. Be prepared to spend half of your war chest though as he won’t come cheap.

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Standing at 6’3” and boasting 91 strength, Henrique can dominate attackers with his physicality alone. He also has the leadership and team player traits making him captain material.

Alternate Options:

  • Ruben Semedo – Olympiacos, Age 25, OVR 76, POT 81, Cost: £10 million, Wage: £900 a week
  • Ike Opara – Minnesota, Age 30, OVR 75, POT 75, Cost: £7 million, Wage: £7,000 a week
  • Pape Cisse – Olympiacos, Age 23, OVR 74, POT 81, Cost: £9 million, Wage: £900 a week
  • Dino Arslanagic – Royal Antwerp, Age 26, OVR 74, POT 77, Cost: £7 million, Wage: £10,000 a week
  • Iago – Moreirense, Age 27, OVR 73, POT 76, Cost: £5 million, Wage: £8,000 a week


There are 11 players in the squad with just one year left on their contracts. Frei, Kim Kee Hee, Leerdam, Rodriguez and Cristian Roldan should take priority as five starting players. Torres and Bruin will also play larger roles in the squad and should also be offered new contracts.

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The other four players with their contracts running out are Meredith, Svensson, Delem and Shipp. Although these players are not crucial to the squad, it is not worth losing them for nothing later on.

Managerial Objectives

The Sounders board’s main priority is the MLS, they want results. In the first season they want you to reach the Playoff Final. They are not as bothered about the U.S. Open Cup so that could be your chance to rest players and test out different tactics.

Youth Development is a low priority, although it is worth buying at least one scout as they can unearth you a gem. The board only want one midfielder signed to the academy in the first season and for them to be played in five matches.

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Brand Exposure will go hand in hand with your results. Play well and the fans will come to watch. Selling out at least 70% of your home games should be easy if you are challenging for the Playoffs.

With the Financial objective a medium priority, don’t put too much time into reducing player wages by £9,000 as you want your squad to be challenging the best in the MLS.

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Full Seattle Sounders Player Ratings

Player Age Pos Country OVR POT Value Wage
S.Frei 32 GK United States 73 73 £2.2m £5k
B.Meredith 29 GK United States 61 62 £180k £1k
T.Muse 19 GK United States 55 71 £130k £450
K.Leerdam 28 RB LB Netherlands 70 70 £1.4m £4k
S.Abdul-Salaam 27 RB LB United States 65 65 £475k £2k
Kim Kee Hee 29 CB RB Korea Republic 70 70 £1.3m £4k
X.Arreaga 24 CB Ecuador 67 72 £825k £2k
R.Torres 32 CB Panama 70 70 £1m £4k
J.Campbell 25 CB United States 65 69 £550k £2k
Nouhou 21 LB Cameroon 67 75 £900k £2k
B.Smith* 24 LB LWB Australia 65 70 £575k £2k
C.Roldan 23 CDM CM RM United States 73 78 £4.5m £5k
G.Svensson 31 CDM CB CM Sweden 74 74 £3.8m £7k
J.Delem 25 CDM RB France 62 66 £325k £1k
E.Cecchini 22 CDM CM Argentina 74 81 £7m £6k
V.Rodriguez 29 LM RM CAM Spain 73 73 £3.5m £7k
H.Bwana 21 LM Kenya 63 73 £525k £1k
J.Jones 27 LM LB Trinidad & Tobago 72 72 £2.9m £6k
H.Shipp 27 LM RM CAM United States 65 65 £500k £2k
A.Roldan 22 LM CM United States 62 71 £425k £1k
N.Lodeiro 29 CAM RM CF Uruguay 78 78 £9m £10k
J.Morris 24 ST RM LM United States 71 73 £2.9m £5k
R.Ruidiaz 28 ST Peru 76 76 £7m £9k
W.Bruin 29 ST United States 69 69 £950k £4k
J.Dhillon 23 ST United States 64 70 £575k £2k
A.Ocampo-Chavez 16 ST United States 54 74 £120k £450
L.Silva 30 ST CAM United States 67 67 £675k £3k

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