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FIFA 20 Scripting: Match fixing or not, player performance is more inconsistent than ever

FIFA players' latest complaint with the new game is the ongoing issue of scripting in matches, coming just days after the game's full release. To whatever extent scripting occurs, the introduction of decisive moments certainly isn't helping EA's cause.

A recent Reddit post has gained traction, concerning the inconsistencies in player performances when competing in Ultimate Team this year.

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The original poster stated that "the entire discussion about scripting is because player performance is SO inconsistent!". They go on to describe their experience claiming that "one game, you're pinging passes around like f***ing Barcelona, the next game you misplace 10 yard passes all game".

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Many gamers responded, agreeing with the post and sharing their similar experiences.

One user replied that they "totally agree, it [scripting] feels more evident than ever", with another respondent going so far as to say that "modern FIFA just feels like [a] coin flip simulator".


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Some users are less convinced on the idea of match scripting, but do agree that momentum can lead to inconsistencies in your team's performance; "what the hell is with this momentum, making [the] game harder for you, letting you not score and give opponent boosts".

With the introduction of decisive moments in FIFA 20, momentum certainly seems to have taken a more commanding role than in previous instalments of the game.

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Ultimately, whether performance inconsistencies are due to match scripting, momentum or just bugged gameplay, EA are reluctant to comment on the matter.


The original poster followed up their argument, commenting "if it isn't [scripting], the company should be infinitely more active in communicating with the player base about how they are trying to fix it".

Does EA's continued silence suggest that there may be some truth behind ongoing match scripting rumours? You can find the full Reddit thread here.

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Recent complaints are a bit of an about turn from FIFA gamers' original delight with Beta and demo gameplay.

Last week we reported that FIFA 20 fans were pleading to EA Sports not to patch this year’s game.

Hundreds of gamers took to the FIFA sub-reddit to voice their opinion about this year’s FIFA, which had been met with generally positive reviews, citing gameplay as one of the most improved areas.

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FIFA fans stated that defending has been improved, meaning that defenders now sit off a bit more, while attacking has seen improved finishing, passing and animations – ultimately making the game more fun to play.

So, is FIFA 20 any good? Well, we’ve done a detailed comparison between PES 2020 and FIFA 20, which you can read here.