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21 Oct 2019

FIFA 20 Reddit: When you score directly from a corner kick

Scoring a goal was actually quite a challenge in FIFA 19, with slower gameplay, less powerful shots and automated defending making the game more closed off than ever before.

Coincidentally, FIFA 19 received some of the poorest ratings they have ever seen before, receiving ratings such as a 5/10 from GameSpot, and a crushing 1.4 out of 5 on the Xbox Marketplace.

Game developers at EA must have seen the correlation between goals and user satisfaction, as everything that has changed in FIFA 20 has influenced a higher scoring video game.

SLIDERS: We all remember messing around with these sliders, hoping to score an absolute belter against a mate from the halfway line...

Defending has seen a decisive shift which now favours the better players who can defend manually, rather than spam the jockey button. Full-backs seem more exposed than ever, and the shooting feels like the 'Shot Error' slider has been pretty much reduced to zero.

And if that wasn't enough, there's a reddit user who has truly finessed the game, showing us that he can score in pretty much any scenario in FIFA 20.

Say what you want but I will always admire the craftiness of the FIFA players that are willing to use any glitch or easter egg to get a leg up on their opposition. Some would call it cheating, but I call it intuition.

Keep up the good work, @FootyStuff101.