FIFA 20 Reddit: Gamers demand special FUT card for Italian star after his stand against racism

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An important topic of discussion in modern football is the ongoing efforts to stamp out racism from the game.

Unfortunately, these incidents still occur, with the England football team recently facing racist abuse in their international against Bulgaria, as well as a number of high profile incidents in the Premier League.

Balotelli Hits Back

The latest incident in the racism epidemic came from the Serie A clash between Verona and Brescia - Italian striker Mario Balotelli kicked the ball in to the stands and made for the tunnel after receiving racist abuse from Verona's home fans.

The Brescia front man was convinced to stay on by his teammates and the officials, before proceeding to score an incredible goal.


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FIFA fans took to Reddit after the occurrence, praising Balotelli for hitting back against the racist supporters by doing what he does best.

One user's post on the FIFA sub-Reddit has gained a lot of traction - the post reads "it would be nice for EA Sports to give Balotelli a special card after today. [...] No room for racism in soccer/football".

With 1.2k up votes, it is evident that the FIFA community support the idea of Balotelli receiving a special card for his show of strength in the face of adversity.

Some gamers even came up with different concepts for the card - one respondent stated that "flash Back Balo[telli] is long overdue", with other suggestions including a hero card or "a pic of him in the no room for racism kit and give him a TOTW".

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No Room for Racism

A special Balotelli FUT card would be apt, as FIFA 20 recently announced their support of the Premier League’s No Room For Racism campaign. 

The campaign makes a stand against racism and urges teams, fans and players alike to never tolerate any form of racial discrimination and abuse. 

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MAKE A STAND: Virgil Van Dijk sporting the new FUT 'No room for racism' kit

FIFA 20 will release Ultimate Team content over the coming months, such as a FUT kit, team crest and TIFO, and players have applauded the campaign. 


Jesse Lingard, Tammy Abraham, Virgil Van Dijk and James Madison are the campaign’s ambassadors - you can read more about their reasoning for getting involved here.

So, over to you EA - Balotelli certainly deserves some sort of recognition for his heroic actions.

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