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FIFA 20: Player Moments Marcus Rashford SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Estimated Cost, Player Review & more

There has been many people praised for the way they have helped the nation throughout the COVID-19 crisis, with the likes of the NHS and other key workers receiving the heroes recognition that they truly deserve.

One man who has received the praise of many for the way he has helped the country during this pandemic is Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford. The young Englishman has raised incredible amounts of money whilst also helping to implement the free school meals scheme throughout the summer holidays.

There is no football player more deserving of a Player Moments card for their contribution to the world off the football pitch, and that is exactly what Marcus Rashford has. It is available via this limited-time SBC.

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Expiry Date

This Player Moments Marcus Rashford SBC will last for six days, expiring on Monday, June 29.

Requirements and Estimated Cost

There has been a significant reduction in the requirements for these high-rated SBC's as of late and Marcus Rashford is no exception.


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There are just two squads that you need to submit in order to unlock this 91-rated version of the Manchester United star

The Red Devils

  • Minimum of one Manchester United player
  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 80
  • Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • Cost: 97.7k PS4 / 97.8k Xbox One

The Three Lions

  • Minimum of one English player
  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75
  • Reward: One Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Cost: 119k PS4 / 119k Xbox One

TOTAL COST: 216k PS4 / 217k Xbox One

Worth it?

As we mentioned earlier, there has never been a more worthy recipient of a Player Moments SBC, but is the card worth the coins on the pitch?

He's not massively expensive so we're not expecting amazing stats but obviously, at this stage of FIFA with plenty of top-tier cards on the market at relatively low prices, it's going to be hard to justify picking up an untradeable SBC card, no matter the cost.

Rashford SBC 2 2 1
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He's not bad in game, he has decent speed (96 OVR) and high dribbling and shooting stats at 91 and 90 OVR respectively. Although for an out and out striker, 88-rated finishing with 85-rated composure isn't ideal.


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His physicality is okay at 86 OVR but his passing is pretty poor if we're being honest, just 82-rated with a very disappointing 70-rated long pass. Although, if you're playing him up top, this shouldn't cause that many issues.

The big plusses on this card are that he has 5* skills, a decent weak foot (4*) and, whilst he is not as high-rated as his TOTSSF card, this card is an out-and-out striker whilst he is a LM on that 94-rated card.

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All in all it's not a bad card at a decent price. He's a good league and nation to have, but it's the sentiment that is the main thing here. We applaud you, Marcus Rashford.