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FIFA 20: Flashback Dries Mertens SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Review, Estimated Cost & more

The Ultimate TOTS has been released and it’s safe to say, it’s pretty decent!

The likes of 99-rated Messi, Ronaldo and De Bruyne feature whilst there’s also a spot for the fan favourite Wissam Ben Yedder!

Now if you were hoping for a Ultimate TOTS SBC you’ll be disappointed to hear that there isn’t one. However there is this 95-rated Player Moments Dries Mertens!

Here’s all the information on this card, including whether or not he’s worth your hard-earned coins!

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Expiry Date

This Flashback Dries Mertens SBC will run for four days, expiring on Tuesday, 9 June.

Requirements and Estimated Cost


There are two of the Flashback Dries Mertens cards for you to choose from, a base card and a premium card, and they come with two separate sets of objectives.

For the 91-rated, base version of the card there are two squads to submit, the objectives for these two squads are as follows:

Flashback Dries Mertens

Serie A Tim

  • Minimum of one player from the Serie A TIM.
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 80
  • Reward: One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Cost: 53.95k PS4 / 54.55k Xbox One

Top Performer

  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 86
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75
  • Reward: One Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • Cost: 127.95k PS4 / 116.6k Xbox One

TOTAL COST: 181.9k PS4 / 171.15k Xbox One

Premium Flashback Dries Mertens

If you’re looking at the premium, 95-rated version of this Flashback Mertens card you’re going to have to shell out some extra cash.

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There are four squads for you to complete. The objectives for all four are as follows:


  • Minimum of one Napoli player
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75
  • Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • Cost: 85k PS4 / 88.2k Xbox One

The Red Devils

  • Minimum of one Belgium player
  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75
  • Reward: One Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Cost: 74.65k PS4 / 79.15k Xbox One

Serie A TIM

  • Minimum of one player from the Serie A
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 86
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 70
  • Reward: One Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Cost: 111.6k PS4 / 109.9k Xbox One

88-Rated Squad

  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 88
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 55
  • Reward: One Rare Electrum Players Pack
  • Cost: 181.9k PS4 / 180.5k Xbox One

TOTAL COST: 453.1k PS4 / 457.75k Xbox One

Who to pick?

There’s just under 300k difference between the base version of this card and the premium version, but the question is, is the Premium Mertens worth the extra cash? In our opinion, yes, yes he is.

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That’s not to say the base version is bad. He has 94-rated dribbling and 91-rated shooting as well as his trademark pace (92 OVR) and decent passing at 88-rated. Whilst this is by no means a bad card, there’s nothing that really jumps out as us.

Looking at the premium version though and you’ve got a top tier striker who will easily fit into most sides. Four of his six base stats are over 90-rated, including his near perfect 98-rated dribbling which includes maxed out agility and balance, the two most important stats in the FIFA 20 meta.

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His shooting is incredible. He has 99-rated positioning and 98-rated finishing which means you won’t need to worry about him being out of position when you’re on the attack.

The upgrade to his passing is significant too. He goes from 88-rated on his base card to 93-rated on the premium version and, if you’re going to use him heavily in your buildup play, that will make a big difference. Both cards have 4*/4* and H/L work-rates which is ideal.

If you’re debating whether or not to fork out the extra cash, don’t. This premium version is definitely worth the extra cash. If you can’t afford the premium though then don’t worry, the base is still good value for coins.

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