FIFA 20: Official Top 7 Biggest downgrades – Naldo, Lichtsteiner & more

These players should look away now after falling a long way over the last 12 months.

We know that Alexis Sanchez along with Gareth Bale had suffered some really brutal downgrades but here are some of the biggest on FIFA 20.

These players may not be the biggest names in football but their downgrades since FIFA 19 are the biggest on FIFA 20.

Here are 7 of the biggest downgrades on the new game.

Junior Tallo (OVR 72 – 66)

Position: ST

Age: 26

Club: Chambly

Country: Ivory Coast

A terrible downgrade of 6 ratings starts suggests a poor season from the Ivorian. This is because he was a free agent for the majority of 2019.

Only recently he was picked up by FC Chambly and will look to get his rating back up.

This card is quite odd as despite being downgraded overall he has received a large pace upgrade.

Naldo (OVR 86 – 80)

Position: CB

Age: 37

Club: Monaco

Country: Brazil

Once a god among men for your FIFA Ultimate Team, now he will barely get a look in. A brutal downgrade in pace and defending leaves this FIFA legend almost useless for the upcoming FUT Champions season.

He only played 7 matches last season and this could be the last time we see him on FIFA as he may look to hang up his boots at the end of the season.

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Laurent Ciman (OVR 75 – 69)

Position: CB

Age: 34

Club: Toronto FC

Country: Belgium

We all know EA love to punish players for getting older and Ciman is no exception to this rule. A pace downgrade of 13, and downgrades of defending and physical stats means that Laurent Ciman no longer has a single stat on his card above 70 overall.

EA definitely do not respect the elderly on FIFA 20.

Fernando Gago (OVR 78 – 71)

Position: CM

Age: 33

Club: Velez Sarsfield

Country: Argentina

His fall from Galactico grace has evidently not been a subtle one. Now playing for Vélez Sársfield, Gago has been demoted to Silver and consequently been dropped to 71 overall.

This may have been because he only played five games for Boca Juniors last season and in 2017 didn’t even play at all.

Marcelo (OVR 78 – 71)

Position: CB

Age: 30

Club: Chicago Fire

Country: Brazil

Spending only just 6 months at Lisbon before heading to the USA and join Chicago Fire.

Despite playing 14 games, EA believe he is no longer worthy of being a non-rare gold who could easily of been in a cheap starter squad.

A drop in 7 ratings makes him no longer a solid defender and now a very average player.

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Sam Cartwright (OVR 58 – 48)

Position: CB

Age: 19

Club: Peterborough

Country: England

The largest downgrade on FIFA 20 belongs to Sam Cartwright of Peterborough.

An already poor bronze card has now been dropped even further and is now one of the lowest overalls to be on FIFA 20.

The Teenager still has a long career ahead of him and could rectify his overall and prove to EA his better than the rating they have given him.

Stefan Lichtsteiner (OVR 80 – 75)

Position: RB

Age: 35

Club: Augsburg

Country: Switzerland

A below average season at Arsenal meant Lichtsteiner was destined for a downgrade.

On top of that, he is reaching a suitable age of retirement and may well be having his last season at FC Augsburg. With a decorated career to look back on, Lichtsteiner will want to forget his time at Arsenal and be content that he is still just about a gold player on FIFA 20.

After such a poor season it is shocking that EA made him rare, let’s hope he can finish his career off with a bang.

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