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21 Aug 2019

FIFA 20: New Commentators confirmed, Career Mode, Volta Announcers, Release Date & More

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  Who Are They?  

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Volta Announcers

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Release Date

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Career Mode

FIFA 20 is edging closer to release, and it’s about this time we can expect EA Sports to push out as many announcements to keep the momentum and the hype going.

Over the past couple of weeks, news has finally dropped regarding the biggest changes we have seen in FIFA Career Mode in over a decade, the Cover Stars have been revealed, Volta News and fresh updates to Ultimate Team. In addition to all of this, the FIFA 20 Beta has dropped, with new features being leaked. 

One announcement that flew under the radar was the reveal of the new commentators that will be in FIFA 20. 

Who Are They? 

Jeroen Grueter and Sierd de Vos will be the new commentators in the game FIFA 20 for the Dutch language.

The commentators have spoken more than a million words for the game in a year's time, according to developer EA in a press release. The recording time took almost 700 hours in total.

Brazilian fans will be happy to hear that Gustavo Villani is arrving to the franchise this year. Like the rest of us with Martin Tyler & Alan Smith, Brazil have had Tiago Leifert and Caio Ribeiro commentating for the past few years. 

Just like The Journey, some of the commentators are getting the boot for FIFA 20Gustavo has been the main man at Brazil's equivalent of Sky Sports and is now heading into FIFA 20. 

We suspect that as this news has dropped for these different regions, and there is the possibility that as English speakers we will no longer be hearing just Tyler & Smith. 

There may be some variance heading to FIFA 20 for us English folk, with Derek Rae & Lee Dixon arriving last year for the European coverage for the Champions League & Europa League. 

Tyler & Smith are regulars on Sky Sports, but with the younger generation becoming more familiar with Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher, maybe we will see one of these ex-pros arrive this year. 

Volta Announcers

EA also announced that 'Troopz' of AFTV on YouTube will be an announcer for the London City cage. In the Volta announcement trailer, Troopz can be heard shouting 'Oh my days fam' as a reaction to a skill.

EA had a similar style of reaction from an MC back in the FIFA Street series. 

With many of the arenas being set across the globe, expect different announcers that represent the cultural environment in which the game is set.

Release Date

EA Sports are very consistent with their release dates, and once again the final Friday in September will mark the full release of FIFA 20. This year, that will be Friday, 27 September 2019, but we can expect types of early access too.

The Standard Edition – fronted by Eden Hazard – costs £54.99 on PC and £59.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.

By pre-ordering you will receive up to three FIFA 20 Ultimate Team rare gold packs (one per week for three weeks), choose one of five mid-version ICON items for five FUT matches and special Edition FUT Kits.

Career Mode

After months of speculation, news has finally dropped about the biggest changes we have seen in FIFA Career mode for a decade. 

In FIFA 20, expect a far more bespoke experience as you take charge of your club and look to take on the world. 

RealSport has a look at everything new this year.

Customisable Manager

For the first time, you will be able to create your customisable manager. This includes, body type, skin tone, clothing and hairstyles. 

What's more, for the first time ever, you will also be able to have a female manager. 

Face the Media

Every decision you make in FIFA 20 Career mode will have a consequence. 

From press conferences to squad rotation, the choices you make will have a direct impact on your team's morale and performances. 

Inspire your team with the answers you give in new interactive press conferences before and after key moments in your season. 

Managing Morale

From rotating your starting 11 to shortlisting transfer targets and managing wage expectations, every choice you make affects your squads morale, form and even their OVR ratings.

Player conversations

Keep your team spirit and manager rating high by discussing your player's concerns and solving their problems in one-to-one sessions. 

Dynamic Player Potential

Take control of your player's potential OVR with Dynamic Player Potential. The better they play on the pitch, the higher their Player Potential will grow.

League-specific themes

The authentic branding of the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, MLS, Champions League and the Europa League will appear through the dynamic UI in Career mode. 

Live News Screenshots

See your best moments represented in the Career Mode News Feed, with live news screenshots that highlight the memorable moments from the matches you play.