FIFA 20: Improvements Pro Clubs Can Take From Ultimate Team In FIFA 20

EA have come under fire for neglecting Pro clubs. Here’s what they should do about it.

by Louis Hutchinson

EA may have neglected one of the most beloved modes in FIFA in recent times but that’s all about to change in FIFA 20.

That’s because EA revealed they would be updating the much-loved Pro Clubs in FIFA 20.

It’s not the only mode that risked being left out in the cold. FIFA 20 Career mode is in desperate need of some TLC too. One mode that seems to innovate the game, year on year, is Ultimate Team.

We’re expecting this year to be no different, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will more than likely have many new features added to keep the excitement alive for fans.

Pro Clubs can learn a lot from Ultimate Team and could borrow features to effortlessly rejuvinate this game mode.

Here are five features that FIFA 20 Pro Clubs could borrow from Ultimate Team.

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Better Competition Structure

At the moment, FIFA 20 Pro Clubs is still lingering in the past with the old 10 division system; FIFA 19 introduced the Division Rivals concept. Division Rivals has brought in a more competitive experience and something to really take seriously. With how easy it is to set up a new club, a lot of teams and players will slum about in the bottom divisions, creating an unfair scenario for those starting out for the first time with their pro player. The regular mode needs an overhaul and certainly needs to provide more incentive for players and teams to stick together, such as putting a restriction on how many teams you can join in a week period. Let’s not forget drop in matches, which is a total mess at the best of times. This aspect could take a page from League of Legends’ book by allowing you to select the role you wish to play when queuing up for a game; which will stop the mad scramble to get to the striker position!

Weekend League

Following on from the competition structure, the only mode on FIFA that entices you to play on the weekend is the weekend league mode in FUT. Adding a weekend league mode would also give players a great opportunity to play in a competitive environment, seperate to the standard structure in place. Where a division structure like rivals can cause an issue, is that not everyone can always be on to play and may miss out on those benefits. Having a dedicated competition on the weekend can allow different teams from each division to mingle and improve by playing better competition.

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One serious drawback in Pro Clubs is that there really is no incentive to keep playing long term, you’re not rewarded for your time and efforts; something that Ultimate Team does very well. It’s difficult to pinpoint how a rewards system would work or what the rewards would be, it could be Ultimate Team packs (something the Journey does already), cosmetic accessories and unlockables for your pro, skill and experience points or even new CPU players for your team. There have even been suggestions to implement something similar to Fortnite’s battle pass, encouraging people to play and finally making this mode monetizable; a win for everyone involved.


Tradable Players

One of the core mechanics in Ultimate Team, is the ability to trade your players and pick up new recruits for you squad. This is something that could be translated into Pro Clubs by being able to trade your CPU players. Think back to the original FIFA Street, your players would grow as you progressed through the game, as the game went on you could trade them out for better players. It would be great to be able to tailor your team the way you want and select the team you need to compliment your style. It would also bring a much more enjoyable experience for those that play as an ‘any’ – it would be a much fairer duel when defending against pro players with upgraded defenders.


In the older FIFA games, your pro would need to complete challenges in order to rank up; this was removed in recent times. Removing this certainly made the game mode more accessible but took away from the best aspect of pro clubs. Although Ultimate Team doesn’t have anything like this, it does have daily and weekly challenges to reward you with items. It would be fantastic to implement challenges that could offer rewards for completing challenges.

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Louis Hutchinson