FIFA 20 Icon Swaps 3 REVEALED: Release date, player predictions, card design, Reddit leaks & more

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For those who love to grind on FIFA Ultimate Team, ICON Swaps is the pinnacle.

With FUT 20 Season 4 coming to an end, Season 5 is set to offer us even more!

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Here's everything you need to know about the outrageous ICON Swaps 3 arriving in-game.


Icon Swaps 3 Reveal

icon swaps 3 fifa 20
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ICONIC - Which one of these unreal cards will you be swapping for?

Some absolute remarkable cards here for those who love an ICON!

For those with 21 or more token, you can pick up and 91 "baby" Zinedine Zidane, 94 Carlos Alberto and 94 Garrincha.


Release Date

Icon Swap set 2 will expire at the end of FUT Season 4, which is Friday, 13 March.

As a result, we could see the new Icon Swaps 3 drop as early as 6pm GMT on Friday, 13 March.

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If not tonight, then the new Icon Swaps will drop very soon, with Friday, 20 March being the latest we expect it.

Card Design

According to a recent post on the FIFA sub-Reddit, the card design for Icon Swaps 3 has already been released.

icons swaps 3 card design fifa 20
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As you can see, t's not exactly revolutionary - in fact, it's basically the previous Icon Swap designs but with a three at the top.

Thankfully, this isn't the only leak to come from Reddit.

Leaked Prime Icon Code

Another FIFA sub-Reddit post draws attention to a recent Twitter post from data miner, @Ester_FIFA.

icon swap set 3 fifa 20 leak
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CODEBREAKER: Data miner, Ester_FIFA, has found this new code in FIFA 20


As you can see, the code reveals that something to do with Prime Icon Players is on the way.

This is surely in relation to the new Icon Swaps - does it confirm that top tier cards are on the way?

Be sure to check up on this page as we will update it with any breaking news on the new promo.

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