FIFA 20: How to execute the new Flair Shots & Passes – featuring Pogba, Messi & Neymar

EA is including a collection of skill moves that will add to the authenticity of the new game.

Julian-Sims by Julian Sims

The rigidness of passing and shooting options in recent editions of the FIFA series has left the community disillusioned, but this decisive shift in focus should satisfy them this year.

Ranging from simple passes to flair shots that only a select few players can execute, these new moves have us truly excited forFIFA 20‘s official launch later this month.

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Simple Shots & Passes

The great thing about a lot of these moves is that they can be executed by players with as little as 1-star skills, so even your Goalkeeper can jump in on the fun).

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These moves are really simple to execute, with passes coming off more often than shots. They look fantastic when they are completed, and bring something to the game that has been missing in previous editions.

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Flair Shots & Passes

To execute the more technical shots and passes, players will need a footballer that possesses the Flair trait. You will need to go to the Player Menu and scroll right in order to find the icon.

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These moves are simple enough to complete, but they MUST be selected within the context of the game, or players risk misdirecting their pass or shot. This means that players can not just ‘spam’ buttons and expect their team move the ball around the pitch.

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Some examples of players that will be able to pull off flair moves are Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Riyad Mahrez, Neymar and more.

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Julian Sims