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FIFA 20 Headliners Kit: SBC, Release date, leak, explained and more

The second batch of FIFA 20 Headliners has arrived - but what about the kit?

So, it turns out that EA has recently announced the special Headliners Premium Kit SBC.

Complete the challenges below to earn the Headliners Premium Kit - this SBC is Non – Repeatable.

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There are four challenges you need to fulfil building your squad to trade for the Headliners kit.

SBCs: Complete the four challenges to redeem the exclusive kit


So what are Headliners?

Headliners dropped last week on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and it has been received extremely well by the gaming community.

This is because Headliners‘ live cards have proven to be some of the most exciting cards in the game.

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This campaign operates similarly to Ones to Watch cards, except with Headliners, the player’s rating will always remain one point higher than their latest in-form card.


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Headliners cards also receive a one-point rating boost if their club achieves a four-game domestic win streak.

Headliners FAQ?

Thankfully, EA.com has a handy Q&A answering a lot of the questions you may have about the promotion.

We've pooled the biggest questions and answers below for you.

Q: Who qualifies to be a FUT 20 Headliner? 

A: FUT 20 Headliners is a selection on the most form players in world football currently. 

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Q: Are FUT 20 Headliners dynamic items?

A: Yes, FUT 20 Headliners are dynamic items that get automatically upgraded each time the player earns a qualified in-form during the remainder of the current season. 

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Q: What is a performance-based In-Form? 

A:  A performance-based In-Form is an item awarded from real-world performances.

Performance-Based in-forms include: TOTW (until the end of the 2019-20 season), MOTM, Hero, Record Breaker and Team Of The Tournament selections.

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Headliner items will NOT be upgraded based on POTM, Award Winner, SBC, or other in-game event selection.

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Q: Which games qualify for a domestic league club wins upgrade?

A: Only domestic league fixtures count towards a players’ clubs winning streak.

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Domestic Cup, UEFA competitions, and international fixtures do not count towards a club win streak.


Q: When does the club winning streak start from? 

A: The Winning streak for each club starts from the launch of Headliners on Jan 17th 2020. Any club wins before that date do not count towards the upgrade. 

Team 2 Leak

The latest FIFA 20 Headliners loading screen has given some serious hints as to who will feature in Team 2.

Head to our full piece here as we decipher the clues.

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