FIFA 20 Future Stars 2: Clues CONFIRM Haaland and Tomori in Ultimate Team loading screen

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The  Future Stars promo kicked off in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team last week, with 14 boosted wonderkids bursting on to the online scene.

The exciting line of cards impressed gamers so much, that the FIFA community has been desperate to find out who will feature. The wait is over though because Team 2 is now live.

Well, an eagle-eyed fan has just discovered a massive clue! Keep reading to find out more.

MORE Loading Screen Clues

A recent Tweet shared this zoomed-in image of the Future Stars loading screen ahead of Team 2's release tomorrow.

future stars 2 leak clues
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CRYPTIC CLUES: This hint was seriously hard to find

Evidently, this image shows a link - it turns out this link takes you to the match in which Chelsea's Fikayo Tomori scored his first-ever Premier League goal!

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But there's more...

future stars 2 leak clue haaland
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DAY TO REMEMBER: Haaland scored a hat-trick on 14th Sept 2019

The second picture in the tweet reveals a date.

Well, this date is in fact the same date that Haaland scored his hat-trick against Genk for RB Leipzig.

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Has this confirmed that both Tomori and Haaland will feature as Future Stars in Team 2 tomorrow?!

To see who else might feature, check out our Future Stars Team 2 Predictions here.

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