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FIFA 20 FUT: Josh King Objective Card - A goal machine in the making

Josh King’s Objective card has been available to earn since Black Friday. And what a card it is! A hefty upgrade from King’s 79-rated gold card, this 84-rated card is definitely worth having in your club, regardless of your team.

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KING: This top card is definitely worth the grind.

Being a Premier League card, he is relatively easy to link and include in a first team squad, but even if he doesn’t fit in your team, he will make an incredible super sub, coming off the bench to make an impact in Division Rivals or FUT Champions. 

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King’s 84-rated card can be earned by completing the following Objectives:

  • Win 3 Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty using a Bournemouth player in your starting squad.
  • Assist 12 goals in Rivals using Forwards
  • Score 4 goals in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty using players with a min. PAC rating of 83 and a min. Skill Moves rating of 4*
  • Score at least 2 goals per match in 3 Rivals wins using Premier League players
  • Score a volley in 4 separate Rivals matches

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These objectives are not the most difficult, but they are certainly not the easiest, with the volleys being the trickiest to complete. Our tip would be to avoid trying to score outrageous volley efforts from outside the box and instead try to complete this objective at close range. Alternatively it is also possible to score a volley by chipping the ball up for yourself when through on goal.

Josh King (OVR 84)

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Age: 27


Position: CF

Club: Bournemouth

Country: Norway

Best stats: 92 sprint speed, 86 strength, 86 finishing

Stat Breakdown

Josh King has been banging in goals for Bournemouth since 2015 when he joined the club after a short spell at Blackburn Rovers. Despite being a graduate of the prestigious Manchester United academy, King never quite made the grade and did not feature for the first team at Old Trafford. This early set back hasn’t stopped King though, and since settling at The Cherries he has become a fan favourite, and prolific Premier League centre-forward.

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This 84-rated version of Josh King is quality. His pace is excellent, with 86 acceleration and 92 sprint speed, once he gets going he really flies. As anyone who has used King’s base gold card already knows, he is already pretty rapid. His 84-rated version sees a +2 upgrade in his section, and despite being a relatively small increase, it’s quite noticeable. 

King’s 84 shooting means he is deadly in front of goal, and when you break down his shooting stats his only real weakness in that area is his volleys, which are still an acceptable 77 rated. Beyond that, his is positioning is 85, his finishing is 86 and his shot power is 84. Lethal.

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LETHAL: An overview of King's in-game stats with a Sniper chemistry style.


Where this card really comes into its own is its dribbling. A substantial +7 upgrade from the 79-rated gold version of King, this card can weave in and out of defences for fun. Broken down, King’s in-game dribbling stats are as follows: 80 agility, 80 balance, 84 reactions, 86 ball control, 88 dribbling and 83 composure. Awesome.

Passing and defending aren’t the most relevant stats when it comes to an attacking card like this one, but it’s still worth having a look at. King’s passing is a very decent 74, which is a + 5 upgrade from his gold card’s 69. His defending for this version of his card is 40, which is a +2 from his gold card. 

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And now we’ll talk about King’s physical stats, the one stat area that really makes this card worth the effort to earn. 85 stamina means he will run around all day, and 86 strength allows King to use his body to hold off defenders when space is scarce, making this card versatile in attack. 

In conclusion, this card is 100% worth the effort to earn, even if he won’t fit into your first team. He is versatile, in that he is both strong and fast, and when you consider his finishing abilities, he really is deadly in front of goal - which makes for an excellent super sub option. 

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For best results, we found using a Sniper chemistry card on King was the way to go. A Sniper will boost his shooting to 91 and his dribbling to an insane 94.