FIFA 20 FUT Birthday: FUT Birthday Team 2 leaked! Mbappe, Hazard, Saint-Maximin & more

As Ultimate Team prepares to celebrate its 11th birthday, let’s look at what gifts EA may give us.

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FUT Birthday Team 2 was leaked at 6pm GMT / 2pm ET on Friday, 27 March.

We shared a live update with all the breaking news on the new promo.

Keep reading to see which cards made the cut!

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FUT Birthday Squad Leaked

As we mentioned the FUT Birthday cards have been leaked early and boy are there some amazing players!

fut birthday leak full squaD FIFA 20 F
PARTY TIME: There are some great cards in this year’s promo

The standout cards are a 94-rated Kylian Mbappe and a 94-rated Eden Hazard. But that’s just the start.

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An 88-rated Allan Saint-Maximin is an exciting prospect for any FIFA 20 layer!

fut birthday fifa 20 full squad leaked 22
WHOOPS: Someone’s getting in trouble for these early leaks…

The first set of cards has confirmed that this leak is legitimate – check out the full details on Team 1 and everything you need to know about FUT Birthday here.

FIFA 20 FUT Birthday Release Date

EA tweeted this week confirming that FUT Birthday will officially be arriving to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team this week.

fut birthday release date fifa 20
PARTY TIME: FUT Birthday will arrive on Friday 27 March

Fut Birthday arrived on FIFA 20 on Friday, 27 March 2020 at 6pm GMT / 2pm ET.

FUT Birthday Card Design

EA is really starting to build the anticipation for the promo, with a second tweet revealing FUT Birthday’s card design for FIFA 20.

fut birthday card design fifa 20
DRESS TO IMPRESS: The new FUT Birthday card design has been revealed

The card features some vibrant colours with a sprinkling of celebratory confetti. But what else can we expect from the promo?

FUT Birthday Loading Screen

EA dropped a new loading screen for FUT Birthday in the build-up to the promo.

fut birthday fifa 20 1
GUESS WHO? Who do you think could appear in the FUT Birthday promo

Three cards have been teased so far, but with little clues to go for.

Loading Screen Clues

Although there’s very little to go by, one Twitter user has had a stab at deciphering the clues.

fut birthday predictions fifa 20

Twitter user @inhutradiac1 believes Tanguy Ndombele, Kai Havertz and Quincy Promes are the three players.

Have a read of our FIFA 20 FUT Birthday predictions here.

FUT Birthday Expected Content

During the FUT Birthday promotion, we can expect a load of content, including:

  • FUT Birthday Team
  • FUT Birthday Player SBCs
  • Flashback/Player Moments SBCs
  • Pack SBCs
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs
  • FUT Birthday Season Objectives
  • Loyalty and Login Rewards
  • Packs and Lightning Rounds

FUT Birthday Squad

In FIFA 19 and 18, the FUT Birthday squad was themed around position changed items. However, with the recent Shapeshifters promotion, there could be something else in store this year.

In earlier FUT Birthday releases, the squads were themed around fan favourite players from earlier editions of FUT. Players such as El Sharaawy, Doumbia, Ogbonna and Agbonlahor being popular releases.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Last year’s cards featured some real fan favourites

FUT Birthday Squad Predictions

Here are the players we expect to feature in the FUT Birthday Squad.

For a more in-depth look at our predictions head here.

Leaked Content

FUT Watch tweeted recently with some leaked FUT Birthday content.

FUT Birthday Code

The first leak doesn’t look like much, however what you’re looking at is actually FIFA 20 game code.

fut birthday code leak
CODEBREAKER: FUT Birthday looks to be arriving soon judging by this code

You can see included in the code is a FUT Birthday banner, tifo and team.

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It doesn’t give much away, but if nothing else it looks to confirm that FUT Birthday will be arriving this week!

FUT Birthday Kit

The next leak is a little more exciting as it reveals the FUT Birthday kit for FIFA 20’s promo.

fut birthday kit leak
PARTY TIME: Celebrate FUT’s birthday with this colourful kit

There’s certainly a strong birthday theme to this kit, which will bring some vibrancy to your Ultimate Team.

For more leaked content, head to our full FUT Birthday Leak article here.

FUT Birthday Player SBCs

You can expect a number of further promo players to be released via SBCs.

Last year in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, we had 5 extra FUT Birthday players released via SBCs, these being Timo Werner, Ivan Perisic, Willian, Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Ramos.

Packs and Lightning Rounds

Being a FUT Promotion, expect packs to be sold throughout, and a few lightning rounds throughout peak times in FUT, i.e. weekends from 6-8pm UK.

Flashback/Player Moments SBCs

Additionally, expect to see some Flashback and Player Moments SBCs dropped during this year’s FUT Birthday.

Last year we saw a number of these cards released as FUT Anniversary themed items, being ‘memorable players whose in-game performance earned them special status in the community.’

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Pack SBCs

Expect some pack SBCs to be dropped, allowing players to obtain some decent packs for cheap.

Last year we saw a handful of FUT Birthday themed SBCs, themed around popular players from previous editions of FUT.

Repeatable Upgrade SBCs

With most of the promotions this year, we’ve seen a number of repeatable SBCs being released. FUT Birthday shouldn’t be any different, expect 81+ SBCs, 82-88 rated SBCs, and potentially 83+ rated SBCs.

FUT Birthday Season Objectives

In last year’s FUT Birthday promotion, we had 3 players available via objectives, allowing players to obtain these cards through gameplay related tasks/

These were Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Naldo and Gervinho. So, we can expect similar content during this year’s FUT Birthday.

HOW’S ZLAT! The Swede picked up a stunning card last season

Loyalty and Login Rewards

EA will likely reward its most loyal FUT players throughout the year with varying tiers of login rewards.

Last year’s login rewards in FUT 19 included:

  • 1-8 Days Played – 1 FUT Birthday Kit
  • 9-55 Days Played – 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 15K Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 56-115 Days Played – 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 45K Prime Gold Players Pack
  • 116 – 162 Days Played – 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 55K Rare Mega Pack
  • 163+ Days Played – 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 125K Ultimate Pack

Packs and Lightning Rounds

Being a FUT Promotion, expect packs to be sold throughout, and a few lightning rounds throughout peak times in FUT, i.e. weekends from 6-8pm UK.

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