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FIFA 20: Flashback Wylan Cyprien SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Review, Estimated Cost & more

Another day, another Squad Building Challenge!

EA are loving their SBC’s at the moment - a very nice, yet very expensive, Lucas Moura card dropped yesterday - and today it’s a Flashback to a former TOTS star!

Lille midfielder Wylan Cyprien featured in the FIFA 17 Ligue 1 TOTS and that card has been recreated and reimagined for FIFA 20, with not one but two versions of the Frenchman available via this limited-time SBC.

Here is all the key information you need to know to help you decide which, if any, you should opt for!

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Expiry Date

This Wylan Cyprien SBC won’t be around for long! It will run for just 48 hours, expiring on Tuesday, June 2.

Requirements and Estimated Cost


As is the case with these duel Flashback SBC’s, there are two separate sets of requirements depending on if you opt for the base or premium version of the card.

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The requirements for the base Flashback Cyprien are as follows:

Flashback Wylan Cyprien

  • Minimum of one Ligue 1 Conforama player
  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 80

TOTAL COST: 115.8k PS4 / 110.95k Xbox One

Premium Flashback Cyprien

There are three squads that need to be submitted in order to unlock the premium version of this Cyprien card.

The requirements for all three of these squads are as follows:

Les Bleus

  • Minimum of one French player
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 80
  • Reward: One Small Prime Gold Player Pack
  • Cost: 44.9k PS4 / 43.5k Xbox One

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Ligue 1 Conforama

  • Minimum of one Ligue 1 Conforama player
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 86
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 70
  • Reward: One Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Cost: 113.7k PS4 / 109.55k Xbox One

Top Performer

  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments Players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 86
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 70
  • Reward: One Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • Cost: 116.35k PS4 / 108.6k Xbox One

TOTAL COST: 274.85k PS4 / 261.65k Xbox One

Who to pick?

Obviously both of these cards are very good, but it’s a question of whether or not the Premium Cyprien is worth the extra cash!

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In all honesty it depends on where you are going to play him. If you’re going to play him as he comes, a CM, then we’d say yes due to the significant upgrades you get to his passing and dribbling, both of which jump up four ratings.


If you’re looking to play him as a CDM and don’t anticipate that you’re going to use him too much in your build up play, then his 88-rated base version should do the job well enough. Obviously it goes without saying that his premium version will be better.

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His weak foot (3*) and skill moves (4*) are the same on both cards as is his work rates (M/M) so there’s no need to worry about that when making your decision.

Looking at it from a value for money perspective, at little over 100k difference, it is probably worth going for the premium version of the card. However as we said the base version, particularly as a CDM, will do a good enough job if you’d rather save your coins.

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