FIFA 20 Career Mode: Why the new feature reveals fail to hit the mark

Dynamic Press Conferences & Player Potential are cool new features, but WE WANT MORE!

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It was the reveal we were all waiting for. EA Sports dropped the new features for FIFA 20 Career Mode, a part of the game which has been largely left untouched for the past decade. In fact, more features have been removed from Career Mode than added to in recent years.

Thankfully, the team at EA have added plenty to the mode this year, the most we’ve seen in memory.

Customisable & Female Managers, Dynamic Press Conferences, Facing the Media, Managing Morale, Player Conversations, Dynamic Player Potential, League-Specific Themes & Live News Screenshots all sound impressive – but is it what we wanted to see?

RealSport tucks into what this actually means for the hugely popular FIFA mode.

What they said

In the most recent Pitch Notes, EA mentioned that their vision was “to breathe new life into the Manager Career experience,” by bringing in a “variation of ever-changing stories that would surface to our players through post-match press conferences and player conversations”.

Conversations with your players can even affect their OVR on FIFA 20These press conferences and player conversations are great new additions and attach themselves into the “Managing Morale” feature as well. Just like in real life, what you said to the media or to the players themselves will affect their confidence – and even their ability on the pitch. It’s great to see this more directly linked on FIFA 20 Career Mode.

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But have EA here just claimed they have implemented three new features, when they all encompass just one?

Plus the new customisation of managers is something we have seen in other games (including create player on FIFA) since the days of the PlayStation 1. Implementing it now almost seems strange.

Dynamic Player Potential

The other major change that was announced for Career Mode is ‘dynamic player potential’, where a young talent’s potential overall rating will change proportionally to their performances.

Should a young striker become a prolific goal scorer in his first season, his upside limit would increase. This algorithm also applies to players nearing the end of their careers, who will see their stats drop at a rate much slower than expected as they approach retirement.

This is a fantastic new feature for the game and should make everyone’s Career Mode save unique to them.

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Let’s take a real life example.

When Renato Sanches broke through at Benfica and signed for Bayern Munich in a €35 million deal (rising to €80 million), his potential on FIFA 17 was 90. Fast forward three years which included a woeful loan spell at Swansea and his potential on the game is now 84.


Image caption

Not a great couple of years for the 2016 Golden Boy award, then.

This will now happen over the course of your Career Mode, reflecting the players’ on the pitch performances.

Is that it?

League-specific Themes and Live News Screenshots certainly create a cooler UI, but that is more about making things look pretty rather than add anything hard hitting.

So what about their rivals?

The Ligue 1 skin looks slickKonami have made some massive changes to the PES 2020 gameplay this year in a bid to compete with EA.

In recent years, EA have claimed to be outselling their competitors at a ratio of 19 to 1, but the lack of significant improvements in FIFA 20 could be their downfall this year.

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Fans have scoffed at PES over the last decade due to its lack of licensing, especially in 2018 when they lost the UEFA rights for the Champions League and Europa League to FIFA, but Konami are finally having some joy over their competitors.

PES struck yet another blow to FIFA by landing an exclusive deal for Juventus’s license, meaning that they will not be able to feature in FIFA 20. While this may not be enough to convince FIFA fans to convert to PES, it is an embarrassing situation for EA to be in.

Not even a demo?

FIFA fans worldwide have seen official in-game visuals from FIFA 20, and it didn’t go down well.

A lacklustre first playthrough (which finishes 0-0) was the latest in a series of own-goals from EA, which follows underwhelming drops on Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs.

By those standards we should be grateful for this Career Mode reveal, which gives us enough to get excited by, but still leaves more in reserve for when we finally get our hands on the game.

It’s hard to argue when the proof is in the pudding for PES 2020Konami on the other hands, have already released a teaser to their fans in the form of the PES 2020 Demo. It’s been such as success that FIFA streamers are even trying their hand at Pro Evo.

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PES developers have also teased fans with their brand new game mode Matchday, which seeks to close the gap between virtual space and reality and allow gamers to emulate their favourite club’s success.

PES 2020’s gameplay has a fluid and intuitive feel thanks to the numerous enhancements that developers have made to visuals. The slower gameplay was planned to give gamers more time on the ball in the final third.

PES’s purposefully slower gameplay, in conjunction with the improvements to ball physics, camera angles, dribbling and first touch, could finally render PES as the more complete gaming experience.

It’s not all doom and gloom

Volta Football is one of the core game modes coming with FIFA 20, and fans are excited to get their hands on the new street mode. Depending on how old you are, some of you may remember FIFA Street and have been keen to see it make a comeback.

Play as your favourite club, or create your own male or female player and take to the streets around the globe.

The return to street football can be the saving grace of FIFA 20From what we have seen so far, Volta appears to be a hybrid of The Journey and FIFA Street, with Alex Hunter’s story mode removed from the franchise this year.

It will also appear on kick-off, allowing you to take real life pros like Eden Hazard and Raheem Sterling to the cage, and play out real-life fixtures or rivalries on the streets.

Besides spot fixes being made to Career Mode, there is no implication that FIFA 20 will look any different from FIFA 19. So which game will you be buying this year?

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