FIFA 20 Career Mode: Top 10 Wonderkid Central Midfielders (CM) to buy – Puig, Adli & more

Searching for the next big thing? Keep an eye on these midfield maestros in the seasons ahead.

There is no position more crucial to a team that a central midfielder. They have so many skills required to play in the role, let alone dictating the temp and running a game for their team.

In this piece we look at the best wonderkid central midfielders in FIFA 20 – these players are aged between 16-19 at the start of the Career mode season and have the highest potential upsides of all the young players.

Remember that these players can outgrow their potentials if they put in excellent performances over an extended period, and if club morale stays at a high enough level.

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Riqui Puig (OVR 71 – POT 87)

Age: 19

Positions: CM

Club: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Work rate: High/Medium

Best Stats: 83 Balance, 82 Agility, 79 Short Passing

Value: £4.5 million (Release clause: £12 million)

Wage: £35,000 a week

Young central midfielder Riqui Puig made his La Liga debut earlier this year in April. He joined the Catalan club’s youth system back in 2013, making him Barcelona through and through.

Puig’s movement stats are impressive, boasting 83 Balance and 82 Agility, in addition to his 79 Passing. Whist his overall rating is 71 this year, his potential upside is listed at a staggering 87 – the highest of all the young prospects.

Enzo Millot (OVR 63 – POT 86)

Age: 16

Positions: CM

Club: Monaco

Country: France

Work rate: High/Medium

Best Stats: 77 Agility, 76 Balance, 75 Acceleration

Value: £720,000 (Release clause: £2.1 million)

Wage: £900 a week

AS Monaco announced the signing highly-rated 17-year-old central midfielder Enzo Millot over the summer. Millot is highly regarded amongst scouts and pundits alike and has played for France at the U17 level. Despite his young age, he has spent pre-season with Monaco’s first team and is now settling comfortably into French life.

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Millot’s strength lies in his athleticism; with 77 Agility, 76 Balance, 75 Acceleration and an eye for a killer ball, the Frenchman could be what your Career Mode squad is crying out for.

Cristian Ferreira (OVR 70 – POT 86)

Age: 19

Positions: CM, CAM

Club: Nunez (River Plate)

Country: Argentina

Work rate: High/Medium

Best Stats: 77 Agility, 76 Composure, 76 FK Accuracy

Value: £3.4 million (Release clause: £6.9 million)

Wage: £6,000 a week

Cristian Ferreira joined River Plate back in 2017, and has recently found fantastic form, winning fans over with his talent and goals throughout the 2018-19 season.

Ferreira is skilful with both of his feet and has great vision, despite his age. He is committed to his team and never shys away from the ball. His Agility, Composure and Free Kick stats are all above 75, making this well rounded midfielder a potential star of the future. Playing well with him will also see his dynamic potential increase to at least 86, separating him from the rest of the pack.

Morgan Gibbs-White (OVR 70 – POT 86)

Age: 19

Positions: CM, CAM

Club: Wolves

Country: England

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best Stats: 75 Balance, 75 Short Passiing, 74 Agility

Value: £3.4 million (Release clause: £8.6 million)

Wage: £18,000 a week

Morgan Gibbs-White enjoys playing as a box to box midfielder, but he can put in a shift as an attacking midfielder or in an even more advanced position. His versatility enabled him to play as a forward when his team were in China over summer.

The English youngster’s FIFA 20 stats are extremely well rounded; his best stats are his Balance, Short Passing and Agility, but his pace and dribbling ability are not far behind. Gibbs-White is valued at £3.4 million, and a £6.5 million fee is perhaps fair price for the young star.

Marcos Antonio (OVR 65 – POT 85)

Age: 19

Positions: CM

Club: Shakhtar Donetsk

Country: Brazil

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best Stats: 78 Balance, 73 Acceleration, 73 Vision

Value: £1 million (Release clause: £3.2 million)

Wage: £900 a week

Marcos Antonio has been on the radar of scouts and youth football experts for some time after a string of impressive performances for Brazil’s U17 World Cup side which finished third in 2017.

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With a FIFA 20 Balance rating of 78, 73 Acceleration, 73 Vision, and a pressing game that puts hard working strikers to shame, the Brazilian youngster is set on a path towards superstardom (his scintillating recent performances in the Champions league back this statement).

Ante Palaversa (OVR 71 – POT 85)

Age: 19

Positions: CM, CDM, CAM

Club: Oostende (on loan from Manchester City)

Country: Croatia

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best Stats: 79 Long Passing, 76 Short Passing, 74 Shot Power

Value: £4.5 million

Wage: £5,000 a week

Heralded by Manchester City scouts as the next Fernandinho, the Croatian youngster Ante Palaversa is the player your Career mode squad is missing. He is currently on loan from Manchester City at Oostende, getting valuable experience in the middle of the park.

Palaversa is somewhat of a passing specialist, recording 79 Long Passing and 76 Short Passing on FIFA 20. This man will be able to pick balls out from anywhere on the pitch, and would be a really effective addition to your squad. He also boasts an impressive Potential rating of 85.

Lucien Agoume (OVR 63 – POT 85)

Age: 17

Positions: CM

Club: Inter Milan

Country: France

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best Stats: 68 Acceleration, 67 Strength, 66 Ball Control

Value: £720,000 (Release clause: £1.9 million)

Wage: £1,000 a week

Is this French teenager the next big thing? Numerous top European clubs seemed to think so, with Barcelona, Inter, Lyon and more looking to sign Lucien Agoume in last year’s January transfer window.

Agoume’s desire to show for the ball, awareness to find passes and ability to link up play sets him apart from his competition; he is mature ahead of his years, and has a buyout clause of less than £2 million, making him an absolute steal in this year’s Career Mode.

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