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FIFA 20 Beta: What's missing from FIFA 20 Career Mode?

Career Mode has always been a fan favourite on FIFA, and for the first time in recent years, EA are revamping the game mode ahead of the release of FIFA 20 next month.

Dynamic press conferences, big changes to the transfer market and updated player potential are just a few of the changes that fans can look forward to in the latest instalment of the hit FIFA series.

In a recent set of The Pitch Notes, EA pointed to feedback from the community playing a key role in their decision making for this year’s Career Mode:

"We have heard the feedback coming from our players in the past years and we wanted to ensure that FIFA 20 will mark an important milestone not only for FIFA in general but especially for Career Mode fans."

Whilst there is plenty for fans to look forward too, we still feel there is still room for more, here are a few key features which we believe should have been added into the mode.

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Transfer funds request

This is a feature which last appeared in FIFA 16 but was taken out with no real explanation. Players were able to request additional funds from the board on the proviso they met certain targets, e.g. winning the league.


FIFA 16 was the last time you could request funds on Career ModeAs the amount you could request was limited, this wasn’t all that important if you were in charge of a top division side, however for those who choose the challenge of working their way up the divisions with a lower league side, these funds were often the difference between the play-offs or automatic promotion.

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Not a game changing feature, but one which adds more depth to Career Mode. 

Saving matches mid-game

Now this seems like a simple addition, but one which EA are still yet to add. 

Avid Career Mode players will know that there is nothing worse than being mid-way through a game before remembering there’s something you need to do or somewhere to go. This leaves you with the tough decision of whether to finish your game and be late, or quit and start all over again.

"F**K I left the chicken in the oven!"A simple resolution would be to the ability to save your progress and continue your match later on, a straight-forward addition which we feel needs to be added.

Real World Career Mode

Again, this is another feature which isn’t going to change the mode drastically, but one which fans would appreciate.


Live kick-off already exists - so bring real life results to Career ModeThis feature would allow players to take control of their team in their current real-life position. For example, if your club are lingering around the relegation zone come April, you could take the reins and see if you can steer them clear of relegation.

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The ability to start midway through a season is something which fans of basketball sim NBA 2K will be aware of, as this is featured in the Association game mode.

Visual Sim

This is something which needs to come back! You’ve got a third round cup match against lower league opposition that you don’t want to play but you’re scared that your kids will let you down if you sim.

Visual sim in FIFA 07 Well, back in FIFA 07 there was a different option. The Visual Sim. Think Football Manager handheld, this gave managers key updates of what was going on in the game and allowed them to change their team if necessary.

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So, there’s no need to worry! Start your kids and bring on your star striker if things aren’t quite going to plan.

Multiplayer / Online Career Mode


This is a big one. As a fan of the Football Manager series, one of my favourite features is the ability to play in a save alongside your friends, making those mid-table clashes a little more important.

One of the main drawbacks of Career Mode for some FIFA players is that they find playing against the AI boring, but bring a friend into that league and suddenly it feels like an online game mode.

Football Manager 2019 already has an online multiplayer modeThere is the drawback that both players would have to be in the save at the same time in order for any progress to be made, however if you play FIFA with your friends regularly, this would be no issue. Get it added EA!

What should be added to FIFA 20 Career Mode? Let us know in the comments section below!

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