FIFA 20: Fortnite styled features added to Volta may save EA from a year of misery

Leaked Beta tweets have shown exactly how EA plan to stay as fresh as Epic Games this year.

The FIFA 20 Beta is well under way and we have found some cool leaks since its release on August 9th. 

One game mode in particular which users were eager to play was Volta Football – EA Sports’ revamp off the classic FIFA Street series. 

Obviously, only a select few were chosen for the Volta part of the Beta and lucky enough for us, they shared some screenshots of what Volta looks like.

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As you know the rise of Fortnite over the last year or so has caused gaming giants CoD and FIFA to adapt to the new wave of gaming and business models. The most enticing factor of Fortnite is that it is free-to-play. Despite this, Epic Games made $2.4 billion in 2018. How is this possible – it’s free?

Well, the Fortnite Shop boasts a wide range of dances, skins and more that only add cosmetic value and no more. 

From recent leaks it is clear EA are following the same format as Epic Games, here is how FIFA 20 can regain some of its longevity through until FIFA 21.

Volta Shop

Similarly to Fortnite, FIFA 20 will have a tiered system of ‘gear’ ranging from Noble to Legendary. Each item costs Volta Coins just like V-Bucks in Fortnite. 

No doubt EA will have a micro transaction feature to allow you to add even more Volta Coins to buy the latest legendary gear, just like in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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If you cannot afford the prices of the micro-transactions, EA have offered alternative challenges to unlock some gear available. Winning two games of Volta will unlock you a Noble Sleeveless Hoodie. 


EA have added some in-game taunts to wind up your opponent. 

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In Fortnite there are Emotes which are updated frequently to keep up with current trends. Whether there are the latest dance trends, or funny memes, Fortnite has it covered and now so will EA.

EA will keep a close-eye on their new game mode to make sure it lives up to the hype so expect frequent updates and care put into Volta. 

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