FIFA 20: 91 Juan Riquelme ICON Player Review, Rating, Squad Links & more

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With the new Copa Libertadores update arriving in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Boca Juniors legend Juan Roman Riquelme’s ICON card has been released into packs.

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Being not only a massively popular player throughout his career, but also a new 5-star skiller icon card in FUT, this item is going to be desired by many, so let’s have a look at how he will perform in-game.

Riquelme's new FUT card

Riquelme announcement
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Riquelme In-Game Stats & Analysis

Riquelme In Game Stats
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The newest addition to the extensive icon list in FUT 20, Riquelme adds even more South American flair in the Copa Libertadores update.


Having 5* Skills is obviously a massive draw for many, and being a popular player during his career will certainly draw people towards this card.

His playmaking abilities are certainly a big positive to this card, with 95 Vision, 94 Short Passing and 93 Long Passing, making him a threat in attacking areas.

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As you’d expect with a Riquelme card, his dribbling is top tier, with 96 Ball Control, 95 Dribbling, and an added 95 Composure.

Unfortunately though, there are a couple of downsides with this card. 82 Agility and 88 Balance are good, but not exceptional stats for a 91 rated Icon, and with only 67 Acceleration being 6’0” tall, don’t expect him to be the quickest player on the pitch.

Furthermore, physically he lacks some key stats, with only 71 Stamina and 74 Strength, making him a rather slow, rather weak card.

Riquelme’s Best Position & Role


Riquelme’s best role would certainly have to be as a central CAM, in either a 41212 or 4231 formation.

With his lack of pace, he certainly won’t be able to compete with the faster full backs, so your best bet is to get him in the centre of the pitch, in pockets of space where you can make the most of his superior dribbling and passing stats to create opportunities for your strikers.

Riquelme Squad Links

Riquelme Squad Links
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Naturally, being an icon card, this Riquelme card has a tonne of usable squad links that you can utilise.

If you’re looking at strong links outside of icons, he provides great links to all of the top Argentinian players in FUT currently, including 99 Messi, Future Stars 92 Martinez, 89 Dominguez and 89 Palacios, as well as 89 Di Maria.


Riquelme’s Price

Valued currently around 1,300,000 Coins on PS4, and 1,700,000 Coins on Xbox, this Riquelme card certainly isn’t cheap, however do expect this card to drop considerably over the coming weeks, as he is supplied more and more onto the market.


Unfortunately, being a new card, Riquelme at the moment is a little too expensive for what you get in game I think.

Being around the same price as a 91 Matthaus, 91 Socrates, and 91 Okocha, you have to wonder if there are perhaps better options for your money.

If you’re looking to buy Riquelme, I’d definitely wait for his price to drop over the coming weeks as he’s packed more and more.


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