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FIFA 20: 91 Antonio Valencia Libertadores Player Review

As a part of the new Copa Libertadores update in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, the massive new Copa Libertadores team has added tonnes of new top tier South American cards into FUT, including a Man United legend in 91 Antonio Valencia.

Now that a few days have passed, and we’ve used tonnes of the new players, it’s time to get some player review pieces out, giving you our verdict on them!

Here’s our review on the 91 Copa Libertadores Antonio Valencia.

Valencia Card
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Valencia In-Game Stats & Analysis

Valencia In Game Stats
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One of the most popular new cards in the Copa Libertadores squad, Antonio Valencia is a fantastic full back option, if you can link him into your side.


Firstly, his pace is electric, with 92 Acceleration, 91 Sprint Speed, along with an all important 91 Reactions statistic, as well as 91 Balance, making this card feel rapid in game.

His dribbling is another positive, with 93 Ball Control, 91 Dribbling, as well as the aforementioned Balance and Reactions stats, he’s very quick on the ball, which is a big pro when dribbling in tight areas defensively.

His physicality is yet another massive upside to the card, with 90 Strength and 93 Aggression, coupled with his 5’11” height making him a very difficult full back to pass.

Alongside his physical stats, you’ve got some really solid defending abilities, with an amazing 92 Interceptions, and strong stats in 89 Defensive Awareness, 90 Standing Tackling and 88 Sliding Tackling. 

Finally, we have to touch on his passing, with 90 Crossing and 89 Short Passing being solid stats, however with only 81 Long Passing and 78 Vision, I did find that his accuracy at longer distances was lacking somewhat.

Valencia’s Best Position & Role

Being set as a RB does obviously limit the roles that Valencia can play naturally. With his stats, I’d say his strongest role would be as a RB in a 4 at the back formation for sure. 

If you want to push him on to support the attack, you can, as his crossing, dribbling and short passing can be an asset out wide, however I do think his best role is as a defending full back.

Valencia Squad Links

Valencia Links
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Unfortunately for Valencia, being an Ecuadorian playing for LDU Quito does limit the links you can utilise to get him in your squad, outside of using icons obviously.

Luckily though, there are some links available in 89 Polenta and 85 Urretaviscaya that you can use from the new Copa Libertadores squad, however no good strong links are available to Valencia. 


Valencia’s Price

Valued currently around 125,000 Coins on PS4, and 120,000 Coins on Xbox, this Valencia card isn’t terrible value for a top tier full back card.

The only question for me when buying this card is can you realistically link him into your squad? If you’ve got a couple of icons handy from Icon Swaps or past SBCs, then definitely consider picking him up!

Value Rating out of 10

I really like this Antonio Valencia card. His stats are very well rounded for a top tier RB, and if you can get him into your team, he’s very good value for the price you’re paying.


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