FIFA 20: 89 Andrea Belotti Storyline Player Review

Our final review for Level 30 Rewards is Belotti! Check him out here to see if he’s worth choosing!

by Matt Thomas
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As players near their final Level 30 Rewards in Season 5 of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, it’s time to start looking at which player you should consider taking out of Fred, Belotti and Carrasco. 

Here’s our final player review out of the 3, looking at the prolific Torino striker, Andrea Belotti. 

Belotti 89 Card


Belotti In-Game Stats & Analysis

Belotti In-Game Stats

Being an 89 rated striker with very good card stats, Belotti certainly looks like an exciting option to take from your level 30 rewards, but how does he stack up in game? 

Firstly, we have to talk about his shooting. With an incredible 95 Positioning and 98 Finishing, alongside 91 Shot Power, 92 Volleys and 86 Composure, you can be sure that Belotti will score the majority of chances he’s presented with. Furthermore, with 5* Weak Foot, he can shoot on either side, making him an even more deadly finisher.

His 89 dribbling is made up of 90 Agility, 86 Balance, 87 Reactions, 86 Ball Control and 90 Dribbling, all very good stats for a striker. He does however only have 3* Skill Moves, which is a slight downside.

Physically, the card shines, with 91 Jumping, 89 Strength and 91 Aggression, making Belotti a powerhouse up top, who will be very hard to push off the ball.

Belotti’s Best Position & Role

With his awesome shooting stats and his 5* Weak Foot, Belotti’s best role, as you may expect, is certainly as a striker. In terms of formations, you could easily play him up top on his own in a 4231 or 433, thanks to his physicality, however I’d maybe look to partner him up next to a more skillful forward in a 41212.

Belotti Squad Links

Belotti Squad Links

As an Italian in Serie A, there isn’t a shortage of solid links you can utilise to get Belotti into your squad if you’re looking to choose him.

For those that enjoy completing League SBCs, you’ll be pleased to know that Winter Refresh 87 Verdi offers a perfect link to Belotti out wide. For those that have also completed the League Player 89 Politano, you now have a great Storyline striker to link him to in Belotti. Moving into the centre of the pitch, Scream 89 Insigne is a perfect option for a more tricky forward to pair Belotti with, plus Future Stars 91 Tonali and 86 Zaniolo offer brilliant midfield strong links should you need them. 

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Matt Thomas