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22 Nov 2019

FIFA 20: 100 Thieves announce Ultimate Team kit coming in SBCs

If you’re an esports fan you'll know all about 100 Thieves, and everyone has played a game of FIFA at some point

Finally, the two gaming powerhouses meet.

Nadeshot today announced that FIFA and 100
Thieves are pairing up to bring the team’s Championship Black jerseys to FIFA
20 Ultimate Team.

SWAG: Claim your 100 Thieves kit on November 26

The signature look, donned by 100 Thieves gamers in several tournaments and championships will be coming to FUT for you to unlock and sport with your Ultimate Team.

On November 26 the kit will be unlockable via SBCs, as Nadeshot said: “Nothing is given away here at 100 Thieves, everything has to be taken.”

The all black uniform will have the
signature pattern across the entire kit, along with the white and red accents
on the sleeve, complete with the 100 Thieves logo and typeface in place of a

FIRE: All-black with red and white accents is a fierce look

Nadeshot added: “This was something we worked on for months.” He is rightfully excited about the opportunity given FIFA 20’s massive reach.

He continued: “We aspire to be a global brand, we aspire to reach players all around the world, and this is the first step in doing so.

He goes on to talk about the uniform and
how it ‘translates really well as a football kit’ and that it is authentic to
the version of the jersey he has hanging in his closet.

DETAILS: The uniform is a perfect match with the real-life version

“This is just another way to be a part of
our world, “ said Nade. “Honestly, I could not be more excited.”

This news comes after FIFA 20 added 21 esports teams’ uniforms to Ultimate Team for the FIFA 20 Global Series. Between that and this release of 100 Thieves’ uniform, esports fans should get ready to expect this type of in-game content as standard moving forward, as esports’ and FIFA’s relationship continues to thrive.