FIFA 19: Champions League is coming – 5 more things we want to see

Put the date in the diary. FIFA 19 comes out September 28, 2018. Here’s what we want to see in the game.

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

Few anticipated to hear news surrounding FIFA 19 so soon, with the game released at end of September. EA Play took place in Hollywood, so FIFA fans got to hear and see the first reveal for the next FIFA title.

Yes, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL IS COMING TO FIFA 19. UEFA rights had previously been on rival, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series from Konami, but the acquisition of the Champions League and Europa League puts FIFA in the unquestionable ascendancy.

Expect new presentation graphics, the Champions League anthem, the trophy and a new commentary team as you do battle on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Career Mode.

So that is just a sniff of what is to come from FIFA 19? But what else do we want to see? RealSport issue their demands for EA Sports’ next footballing title.


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