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FIFA 19 Attacking Tips: A Pro Gamer’s Guide to Winning

Struggling to create or put away chances on FIFA 19? It’s a familiar feeling soon after a new FIFA is released, but with a whole host of changes this time around, smashing the ball into the back of the net has never seemed easier. 

RealSport are here to help however, and we’ve roped in the big guns. We spoke to professional FIFA esports player Zac ‘Zac11Moore’ Moore who is currently completing in the Gfinity Elite Series representing AS Roma Fnatic, who are the defending champions of the competition.

Zac has played FIFA competitively since 2015, and was just one victory away from reaching the FIFA Interactive World Cup (now FIFA eWorld Cup) finals in 2017. 

The 20-year-old takes you through all you need to know about build-up play, and, more importantly, sticking the ball away on FIFA 19. 

Look after the ball

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You need to play the way you’re facing on FIFA 19 and move the ball as fast as possible. The new passing system on FIFA 19 means more difficult passes are harder to play, so keep things as simple as you can.


Using the driven pass (R1+X/RB+A) can help you zip the ball around, although it isn’t quite as effective as it was on FIFA 18. You want to perform one-touch passes as quickly as possible, and with enhanced crossing this year, you want to get the ball out wide

Then, look to use the high cross (L1+▢/LB + X) and chip the ball towards the back post for easy headers to put away. For me, that is the most effective way to score. 

Ultimately, when you come up against better players, you can learn off their playstyle, and then implement it on your own play. Take note of things they do, and either take that onto your own game, or prepare how to deal with it next time around. 

If the play does slow down, and the defence has numbers back, try to get space with the dribbler by using a ball roll (hold R stick left/right), which could give you the opportunity to get a shot away or offload the ball. 

There’s no shame in being patient with the ball, so use the face up dribbling (L2+R2/LT+RT) control to keep the ball close to your feet, with shielding the ball (hold L2/LT) an obvious way to look after possession, whilst you wait for movement from your teammates. If there is still a lack of options, you call for them to make a run (L1/LB) or for them to offer support (R1/RB).

Putting them away

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When you get the chance to score, you need to use this year’s game changer. Timed finishing (B then B/O then O (timed)) has made a massive difference, and it is the most effective way to score, so make sure you perfect your timing. Get into the arena and practice to make sure you get a feel for it and do so from various angles and speeds to know what is needed. 


If it goes green, most of the time it’s in. It is better to be too late than too early with your timing, as if you’re too late, the result will be just a normal shot rather than shanking the ball wide. 

The finesse shot (R1 + O/RB + B) is the go-to type of shot this year, and when combined with the timed finish, it’s deadly.

The low driven shot (R1 + L1 + O/RB + LB + B) isn’t as overpowered as it was last year on FIFA 18, but it is still something you should use when through on goal. 

It may sound simple, but it is key to know your players and what they are capable of on the pitch. Make sure you are aware their footedness, how good they are from distance and if they have any particular traits

If they have the finesse shot or outside of the foot shot trait, you should use that to your advantage and line up your shots accordingly. Even before that, knowing who is strong, fast, and good in the air should affect how you look to hurt the opposition. 

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