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FIFA 18 Skill Moves Guide: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Skill moves on FIFA games can separate the men from the boys. When games are tight, being able to beat a man with skill can make all the difference, so make sure you hit the arena and practice the skill moves.                                                      

You will find our Skill Move tutorial videos for each console at the bottom of this page

Hidden skill moves

Some of the latest additions to FIFA 18 do not appear in the skill moves menu. So this is your chance to get one over your mates.

Skill PS4 & PS3 controls Xbox One & 360 controls Nintendo Switch controls
Cruyff TurnCircle/square then X + L opposite   directionB/X then A + L opposite directionY/A then B + L stick in opposite   direction
The BridgeHold R2 + flick R at opponentHold RT + flick R at opponentHold ZR + flick R stick at opponent
Sombrero flick (running)Hold R upHold R upHold R stick up
Forward Sombrero FlickFlick R upFlick R upFlick R stick up
El TornadoHold L1, Flick R up then leftHold LB, Flick R up then leftn/a

A great addition to FIFA 18 is the Cruyff Turn. Pioneered by and named after Holland, Ajax and Barcelona legend Johann Cruyff, his famous turn fakes a shot or cross, but develops into a beautiful 180 degree turn.

The Bridge is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You simply knock the ball one side of your opponent and run around the other to collect the ball. Any player can perform The Bridge. 

The Sombrero Flick comes in two forms. For five star players you can knock the ball over the head of opponent at speed. If the ball is already in the air, any player will be able to knock the ball up for a volley, or go around a defender. 

The subject of the FIFA 18 launch commercial, El Tornado sees your player flick the ball up for a volley whilst spinning around an opponent. Only Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli and Icon Roberto Carlos can perform this trick so far, but EA are expected to add the skill to more players over the season. 

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